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Wear'em Out Reusable Sanitary Pads - Review

Wear'em Out Review

Last year I made a decision to look into ways in which I could work towards becoming more sustainable in my choices (already doing the basics - using reusable cups/straws etc) and my first move was to swap from disposable cotton wool pads to reusable bamboo cotton pads (I wrote a post, read it here). At the end of 2020, after months of research I took my second step and made the change to reusable period products. Now I wanted to share my experience and my review of this "swap" as it is still a topic on the internet that isn't widely discussed and actually I think I would have done it sooner if more information had been available with honest thoughts on the products.

One of the reasons I decided to make this swap was after reading some alarming statistics around sanitary products.... for instance that 1 disposable sanitary towel can take up to 800 years to decompose!....this is such a scary number especially as I still have lots of periods ahead of me in my life and my little boy is still in nappies so those are building up too. I had done some research into making this change before but was put off by the cost, the lack of information around the products available and sadly the gross factor. I really don't know why it grossed me out so much, we are kind of going backwards to how ladies in the "olden days" dealt with periods, they certainly didn't have access to tampons or disposable sanitary towels, did they? I also looked into the menstrual cup side of the market but decided as I am not a fan of tampons that I wasn't keen on trying a cup.... I may take another look.

I stumbled across Wear'em Out  over on Instagram, when the new print collaboration with Emily Brooks went live and my boss posted about buying them. I clicked on the Instagram handle and was blown away not only by the products themselves but the amazing lady behind the brand - Lauren. Her honesty and the amount of information she has across her social media, really helps to demystify the world of reusable plus the outstanding reviews speak for themselves....and two orders later I am hooked and no longer dread my period arriving - a sentence I never thought I would ever say! Plus I loved that this is an independent business and the pads are made in UK.

Wear'em Out Review: the pads

The other reason I wanted to try an alternative to disposables was actually comfort....apologies this bit may be a little TMI!

I struggle with very heavy periods for the first few days, night times especially are so annoying, I regularly leak, even wearing a night time, super absorbent pad and my poor bedding will get washed almost daily, and this is usually due to the disposable towel bunching up during the night and not staying in place. This was the feature of the Wear'em Out pads that really grabbed my attention, that because of fabric & design that this won't happen! Also and I didn't even think of this until it happened on my last period, if you get caught out on the first day, there is nothing worse than the disposable not sticking to your knickers because there is a little blood there! with poppers on the reusable pad, this isn't gonna happen to you again.

Wear'em Out Review: the sizes

Now I am not gonna lie, it is an investment switching to reusable pads, something that really made me consider not switching, however, when you learn that these pads if looked after, will last for as long as four years it makes it seem a lot more worth it, especially when you add up how many disposable pads you would use in that time. With that in mind, when I placed my first order - I only bought a couple of pads, mainly because I wasn't 100% sure what size I would actually need. The pads are available in four different sizes - the mini flo, the medium flo, the mega flo and the mega mega flo. I normally go for the biggest, highest absorbency pads but after reading the reviews I thought that this may not be what I needed and I didn't want to invest in things I wasn't going to use (and I am glad I did this as I have no need for the mini flo size). I then went back and ordered more along with one of the Out & About bags once I had an idea on what I needed specifically for my periods. I have been using these pads for three months, I now know I will need to add a couple more pads to my stash and will do soon.....holding out for the next collaboration to be announced!

My Collection

So as it stands I have the following pads, all are part of the Emily Brooks Fierce collaboration but the original print is just as cute and the New ocean wave design has just been launched..

2 x Medium flo - perfect everyday size for me from day two of my period.

2 x Mega flo - for those heavier first days of my period

2x Mega Mega flo - for bedtime

The Out & About bag

Wear'em Out Review: the out & about bag

My Experience

So as I said before I have been using these pads for three months now, so have really got a feel for them and can give an honest review.

The first thing I will comment on is how soft the pads are, as soon as you pop one into your knickers you can barely feel it....even after a few hours, which is when a disposable would usually start to bunch up or have moved. I feel like they move with you rather than feeling rigid which as they are thicker than a disposable, surprised me. I have even managed to do Yoga and a barre class whilst wearing one, which would not normally happen whilst on my period as I wouldn't feel secure.

I have been able to wear just two pads during the day, and one overnight, this is half the amount I would normally have used with disposables, the absorbency of these pads is phenomenal - you do not expect something to hold so much blood and still feel fresh. *The number of pads will obviously be variable and a personal thing dependant on your flow but I felt clean and so comfortable. The best bit for me is, no night time leaks, for the first time in years! The Mega mega pad is ideal for night time, the longer length gives me extra wiggle protection. I also felt a lot fresher first thing in the morning and can safely wear cute PJs without the fear of washing everyday.

The process of cleaning when you change pads is so simple, simply rinse off (I usually do mine in the shower first thing or the sink during the day) then hang up to dry, I use a radiator rack so that they get some heat but are not directly on it. It is worth noting I have only been at home during this time due to the UK lockdown - but I have no anxiety about going out and about in them and changing on the go. The only difference when out of the house would be rinsing off the pad then popping into the specially designed, waterproof Out & About pouch until you are back at home. The pouch is split into two sections - one for the used pad and the other for the fresh, clean pad. Then at the end of your cycle you can just pop all the pads and your out & about bag into the washing machine for a full wash, just remember not to use fabric softener as it can affect the pads absorbency. Once dry they are ready for next month.

I don't know if it is linked to switching to these pads but I have noticed changes in my period - they are not as uncomfortable as they used to be, I feel like my periods have become a little lighter and I seem to have less notice of it arriving (no pre-period pain). These may not be linked but worth noting - would be good to know if anyone else has noticed a change since swapping to reusable products.

The Wear'em Out pads cost between £8.99 for a mini flo and £10.99 for a mega mega flo and there are bundles available in the store which do give you some savings, but buying individually means you can add to your collection when you want to.

Overall I would say I have had a really positive experience using Wear'em Out pads and would highly recommend making the change, not only for environmental/sustainable reasons, but also for long term cost savings as well as comfort.

For lots more information about the pads as well as the sustainable side of the brand and to shop the full range, head to Wear 'em Out. I would also say head over to the Instagram page as it is a wealth of knowledge and really lovely to see behind the scenes on an independent Lauren is so lovely @wearemoutpads

I would love to know if you have made the swap to reusable - what brands have you used and would you recommend any other products. I am now looking into alternatives to cotton wool buds.

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