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The Best Chloe Carlina Sunglasses Dupe

Chloe Carlina Dupes

When it comes to designer items I am not normally that bothered (except when it comes to vintage Mulberry handbags), I like to see the collections and be inspired but I am a total cheapskate! Sunglasses especially, I love the look of designer but I tend to buy Primark styles - clumsy person + a toddler usually equals breakages so I can't justify spending a fortune. The Chloe Carlina sunglasses have doing the rounds for a few seasons now and while I thought they were cute the £300 price tag was a major turnoff.

Enter the world of Instagram - an inspiring (sometimes expensive) place and when Cara @babblestyle shared this amazing find yesterday I had to 1. Buy a pair before they sold out & 2. share them with you. They are the best sunglasses dupe I have seen in years! I know the conversation around dupes is a volatile one, some people believe that buying a dupe style is the biggest no no ever but for me finding pieces that allow me to access a designer look for my budget is very important. However I will only buy pieces that are a genuine inspired by, anything with a designer logo on it that isn't the real deal is where I draw the line. 

Chloe Carlina Dupes: the sunglasses

Next Rose Gold Statement Chloe Carlina Round

These will be a marmite product - statement sunglasses aren't everyone's cup of tea but honestly I am in love 

These beauties are from the high-street giant Next and look so much more expensive than they are. The sunglasses have a gorgeous rose gold frame (although I think they look more soft gold than rose but still beautiful), cushioned nose pads and they fit the face well, I have a pet hate for glasses that don't fit properly and you are forever pushing them up your nose. These also have Next's filter category 3 lenses, giving high protection levels against sun glare as well as 100% UV protection. The only real difference between these and the Chloe pair is these are slightly smaller in frame size, actually making them a much more wearable style I think. The delicate shaping of the metal around the frames and level of detail on the arms are beautiful and almost identical to the designer pair plus did I mention that they are only £15!!!! Gorgeous oversized 70's bohemian style and perfect for the summer sunshine.

Below are a few images I had saved on my Pinterest - I was subconsciously drawn to the statement vintage styling of the frames.

Chloe Carlina Dupes: my inspirationImage credits: Header / Inspiration Images 1/2/3/4/5/6

I will say though if you like them, buy now as I really don't think these will be around for long......

Buy my pretties, Buy!

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