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My 2020 Skincare

My 2020 Skincare

So I decided to take control of my skincare this year and lockdown has proven to be a great time to strip things back and embrace lots of no make up days. My skin has been ok this year, but my cheeks have been a little bit blotchy since the end of February after I reacted to a cheap face mask. I decide to strip my skincare back to basics and use some old favourites as well as trying out a couple of new products, which I know can be risky with problem skin, but I did my research and chose products specifically targeted to my skin type/issues and from trusted brands. Overall the combination of products I have been using has worked wonders for my skin.....I have really found that tailoring the products I use based on what I've done that day and how my skin is feeling, rather than a strict regimen has been key. 

So my skincare is split into three sections - cleansers, masks/peels & moisturisers. The only thing I don't use currently is a toner....but I am gonna look to add one in now I have found a combination that works. Most of these products are night time only, I tend to keep it very simple in the morning with just a sweep of micellar water followed by a good moisturiser and face specific SPF.

So here are the products I have been using.....
- Cleansers -
My 2020 Skincare - Cleansing

First up cleansing products...this is the main area that varies dependant on the day. If I am wearing a full face of make up (usually a work day) I will double cleanse - Garnier Micellar Water with a reusable bamboo cotton pad (this is also my morning product of choice) followed by Clinique Take the Day Off cleansing balm.....the best combination to remove all the make up especially black mascara - but I do find it too intense for everyday. For all other days, where I am usually wearing little to no makeup, I will use a hot cloth cleanser, normally this would be the cult classic Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish but I ran out of it during lockdown so thought I would give the Aldi Lacura vitamin C version a try & I am really impressed, it has left my skin soft and glowing (especially as its £3.99 a tube with muslin cloth vs £15 for Liz Earle). Each of these cleaners leave my skin clean, soft and helps to limit blemishes.

- Masks & Peels -
My 2020 Skincare - Masks & Peels

I have always used a face mask, but I introduced a liquid peel to help resurface my skin particularly my cheeks where I have the texture. I aim to use my The Body Shop Drops of Light Resurfacing Liquid Peel twice a week to help remove dead skin - this frequency has helped to maintain smoothness, I was doing it three times but have dropped it down to twice as my pores are visibly reduced and much smoother. I then use a face mask once a week - usually as a Sunday evening treat. For the masks I alternate between The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask and Primark's Pore Balance Clay Mask (read a full review of this product here). Both masks are intense enough to really penetrate the skin, but don't leave it dry afterwards, I especially like the charcoal/clay elements as I really feel the deep cleansing. I will occasionally use a lighter fruity mask or I do like a sheet mask to refresh the skin but usually as a treat. I am super careful though with the brands/types I choose as it was a cheap gel formula mask that left me with horrible red blotchy cheeks earlier in the year.

- Moisturisers -
My 2020 Skincare - Moisturisers

Last up is moisturisers, this is the part that is most important as my skin is naturally very dry. I will use The Body Shop Vitamin C Glow Boosting moisturiser first thing in the morning. I then use the Epaderm cream at night, as this is an intensive moisturiser, that really gives my skin plenty of TLC while I sleep. Not a normal choice but it was recommended to me by the doctor to help replace the moisture in my skin that it was severely lacking, and it has really helped (although I do look a bit like a Moomin whilst it sinks into the skin!). I will sometimes also use the Primark Sleep Spa Sleeping Mask if my skin is looking like it needs a little extra - this leaves my skin soft and plump when I wake up in the morning and works well in combination with the Epaderm.

So that's it - not too many products and as I said this combination is really working for my skin, although I will have to keep working on it, as this wearing a mask addition to everyday life (even a breathable cotton one) has left me spottier than I have been in years! my poor little nose is starting to look like a dot to dot!!

Do you have any skincare recommendations particularly toners, as I need to find one to slot into my routine?

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