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The Body Shop: Drops of Light Pure Resurfacing Liquid Peel Review

The Body Shop: Drops of Light Pure Resurfacing Liquid Peel Review

The Body shop is a brand synonymous with my teenage years, I was obsessed with their Peppermint foot lotion & the Satsuma shower gel, oh and those little round pearl like bath balls (wish I knew what they were called!) I loved to collect all the colours. It's only in the last few months that I became interested in seeing what the brand is about now...more specifically their skincare products, which were almost non existent when I was younger. One of the products I was most interested in, as I had heard so many positive comments about them, was the Liquid peel collection and I wanted to give one of them a try. Deciding between the three peels was a tough choice but with each offering something different for a targeted skin issue, this made it easier to choose - Drops of Light for Resurfacing, Drops of Youth for youthful looking skin & Vitamin C to reveal your skins natural glow. Based on my skin type I went for the Drops of Light peel to help smooth and resurface my skin, as I am prone to large pores and blemishes.
Drops of Light - Pure Resurfacing Liquid Peel: This quick fix brightening essential will visibly brighten appearance after first use. Transforming gel-to-peel technology that traps and gently peels off impurities and dead skin cells to unveil healthy-looking skin that feels resurfaced from first use. With continued use, skin looks more luminous and skin texture looks refinedThis resurfacing peel has brightening elements, with Red Algae extract, which is rich in vitamin C, minerals & nutrients. - The Body Shop
How to use: Dispense two pumps of the liquid peel onto your fingertips and apply to cleansed, dry skin avoiding the eye and mouth areas. Massage into skin for up to 20 seconds until exfoliating residues appear noticeably and are peeled off. Rinse thoroughly with water. If needed, you also can use a muslin cloth with toner to remove the last traces from your skin. Use 2-3 times a week for best results.

My Review

    First impressions - the packaging is a sleek, simple design, no unnecessary extras just the bottle, plus I love the rose gold label, adds a touch of luxury to the design. A generous sized pump, allows for precise dispensing of the product, which will help to make the 145ml bottle last for months - a good thing as at £18.50 a bottle it isn't that cheap. The consistency and texture of the product before rubbed into the skin, is less gel like than I imagined, it reminds me of a lighter version of the Glossier Milk Jelly cleanser. I did notice the smell of the product is interesting, not bad just not recognisable like many Body Shop products, I assume it is the Red Algae extract, that gives it this distinct scent which has grown on me and I find quite relaxing.

    I first tried the peel on the back of hand, as I can have sensitive skin and like to test before applying to my face (have been left with red blotchy skin, so always test before you apply a new product). It applied smoothly, the product formed quickly into what I can only describe as soft "blobs" - not quite how I imagined it to come off the skin but oddly impressive and it left my skin feeling very soft.

    The first time I used it on my face, I found the recommended two pumps quite a lot of liquid to handle in one go but once on the skin it covered my face well and wasn't sticky. It kinda feels weird when you start rubbing it in and the "blobs" are forming on your face but it is strangely satisfying watching them appear on your skin....I like a product that you can actually see working. I will say I find removing the remainder of the product, easier with a face cloth/reusable pad, just splashing my face with water doesn't quite remove it all and it can leave the skin feeling a little greasy. Once rinsed my skin felt so soft, a tad dry around my nose (a problem area) but fine after my moisturiser was applied. My skin didn't react afterwards either, which it can do sometimes so very happy. I will admit I was a little apprehensive before trying the product, only because the term "peel" made me think of something quite intense & harsh like a chemical peel but I was so pleased to find this to be gentle on my skin. One final thing I would say, is that with any product like this that removes dead skin, you should always wear a good quality SPF the next day as your skin will be a little more sun sensitive.

    After using the peel for two weeks (3 times a week), my skin feels softer, smoother and my pores seem less defined. I have a small area of scaring on my cheek and that is much less obvious and smoother. I did think that with each use the amount of "blobs" forming would decrease, but they seem to be fairly consistent, nice to know the product is working just as hard now, as it did on the first application. I am interested to see how my skin looks after a few months of use - will do a little update in this post later in the year.

    Overall I would definitely recommend this product - clever, simple and does what it says. The price point is a little higher than I normally go for a product like this, but its really worth the money and based on how much you use in one application, should last for a few months...

    Have you tried any of the other liquid peels in the collection? would love to hear your reviews on those...

    Shop online at The Body Shop, or through your local Body Shop Consultant.... mine is a lovely lady called Sammy and you can find her on Facebook at Heaven Scents Bodycare and Make Up.

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