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Wearing my Wardrobe

Wearing My Wardrobe

So after what feels like years, lockdown for me is over! I returned to one of my jobs on Wednesday and it was a weird experience but good to be getting back to somewhere near normal! Whilst I have found the last 15 weeks to be a very intense time, stuck in the house with a toddler really tests your patience to new levels, but one good thing to come out of lockdown has been rediscovering my style, forgotten items in my wardrobe and finding new ways to style them up....I have found myself reaching for things that have been in my wardrobe for years, pieces that I either haven't worn in so long or had totally forgotten I even owned.....sound familiar? Now in some cases this is because they were not practical with a baby and mum life trumps fashion (I know who am I!) but now little dude is older, independent and most importantly walking I have no excuses. I had already decided as a loose New Years resolution to try and not buy as much fast fashion and I was doing really well - hadn't bought anything new for two whole months (that's a lifetime to me!), but lockdown has really changed the challenge goalposts, actually making it easier as I can't just pop out to the shops. I have been so impressed with myself on just how much I have worn from my existing wardrobe - will say I have bought a few new pieces (it would be rude not to when H&M are having such an epic season!) but all the pieces have been items that I felt like I was missing, and that slot into and can be styled with many items I already own. 

I have also found my photo style too, have always been a little bit awkward in outfit shots, favouring a good mirror selfie or from where I stand shot - but with the help of my amazingly patient husband I have found my spot in the garden and been practising my poses.....I actually look forward to taking a photo everyday, but totally now understand why bloggers take 100 photos for that perfect one!

So this post is going to look back at my favourite outfits from lockdown (yes I was a bit overdressed for chilling at home but it made me happy), how I styled up some of my oldest items and also share some history on my favourite pieces.....I love when items have a backstory/style memories.  

So the favourites
Wearing My Wardrobe: Playsuit
New Look playsuit, Primark tee, Mint Velvet necklace, New Look sandals, Hat from Turkey, Amazon Heart sunglasses

Starting off with a true summer outfit - this look deserves 2 photos....not only because it's cute but because up until now I would never have had my photo taken in shorts let alone a playsuit, but I seem to have found my happy place between style & my body. This playsuit was bought two summers ago during a heatwave. I chose to style it up with a basic white tee underneath, 90s style which makes it a cute summers day outfit and balances out the flesh on show. Sunnies are a daily staple but I also added my Panama hat to the outfit as it was a very hot day. The rose gold sandals are about 3 years old and my go to during the summer....they go with everything! This outfit really sums up my lockdown style, comfy but stylish. I needed outfits that looked cute but were easy enough to be running/crawling around after a very active toddler.....#mumstyle.

Wearing My Wardrobe: Swirl & Sparkle
H&M dress, Moto Denim Jacket & Primark Trainers  |  Primark Jacket, New Look dress, Converse high-tops, Accessorize straw tote

Next up two of my favourite dresses on repeat... The first, was the IT dress of last year, this tulle spotty dress is the perfect mood lifter, I felt like a total princess swishing around Sainsburys in it. I kept it casual though by throwing on my trusty black converse trainers and my Vintage Moto by Topshop denim jacket (yes I count it as vintage as I bought this my first year of uni, which means it is 16 years old and still looks fabulous).

The black boho dress was bought for a Christmas drinks party back in 2017 after I had bubba, I wanted something loose but still cute and this little beauty with its metallic thread fit the bill. A smock shape with fluted, floaty sleeves perfect for skimming the old mum tum. Looks great styled casually like this in the summer but also with tights & boots in the winter. Worn with my favourite khaki jacket, bought for my 30th birthday trip to Paris and still my go to with dresses & jeans. These hightop converse are technically new, I got them second hand, although not quite sure if I am cool enough to pull them off!

Wearing My Wardrobe: Dressing Up
New Look jumpsuit, New Look sandals & Amazon sunnies |  River Island vest, Primark skirt, Dune sandals

I would like to call these two looks, my dress up day where to go but wanted to be a bit fancy! First up is the outfit I wore for my wedding anniversary (just a pizza party with my boys but nice to make an effort) a spotty midi skirt, that was bought a few years ago - I was drawn to the spots and the beautiful pleats, teamed with a cropped black jumper, perfectly french tucked into the elastic waistband. Now the shoes in this outfit have a sad story....I found them when looking for shoes for a friends wedding, not in my size but I tracked down the last pair in the UK and then when it came to the day, the typical British weather happened. Coral suede + rain + English countryside, not a good combo so they never got worn. Teamed with this skirt though they are gorgeous, so I got them out of the box for a special day.... a look to remember for post-lockdown.

Next this floral jumpsuit is one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe, I bought it to wear to my sisters birthday barbecue two months after having little man, I wanted to feel like me but didn't fit into a lot of my pre-baby clothes yet. This was the best thing I ever bought!! Fit me back then, and still fits me now thanks to the adjustable waist - never before did I think I would ever find a flattering jumpsuit, but is the perfect shape for larger boobs and a mum tum. I love the dark floral too, not your typical girly print. Teamed with my rose gold sandals but worn with trainers during lockdown too.

Wearing My Wardrobe: From Where I Stand

One very obvious thing I noticed collecting my images for this post....I am obsessed with "from where I stand" style photos and especially these black Converse-esque trainers. Have worn them non stop and am so pleased with how versatile they are, especially as they are £6! I love to wear them with a really girly dress just to toughen up the look a bit. It also makes me realise just how much my style has changed since be becoming a mum....I very rarely wore trainers and now I live in them but by choice not just for practicality.

Wearing My Wardrobe: Green Floral
New H&M Dress, Topshop sandals  |  Primark Trainers, Cambridge satchel

Now breaking my rule slightly. This dress was a new addition, I was drawn to the beautiful print and it was a step outside of my comfort zone as I don't normally wear green but something about this makes me so happy & considering I have worn it every week of lockdown my cost per wear is already very low!! Accessories & shoes in both looks are all old favourites though. The sandals were an odd Christmas sale find years ago and I loved the fringing detail, for some reason they always remind me of something Carrie Bradshaw would wear. With a good block heel they are a great all day sandal and my go to heel. The Cambridge Satchel is a medium push lock and was a present from my hubby for my 30th birthday.....I love it so much I also have it in coral and black!

Wearing My Wardrobe: Summer dress
New H&M dress, Primark sandals, Primark sunglasses  |  Same dress, white New Look tee, @Tlmedit layered necklace, Primark trainers and tote bag

Another cheeky new addition, but this sundress was a must....only £17.99! and honestly the best summer dress I have bought in years. It fits beautifully and is so cool to wear even though it is black. Styled up with these zebra sandals (vintage Primarni darling) and oversized sunnies (a staple) but also layered over a white tee, with trainers and a cute summery tote....either way, easy summer style.

Wearing My Wardrobe: The Accessories

Now it wouldn't be a Glitter Fashionista post without discussing accessories. I am a total magpie for accessories and I have loved digging deep into my collection and wearing pieces that never normally leave the house. This is my current arm stack, all personal and a little bit boho...the Mama & Mark bracelets are from @loverubyross & my L♡VE bracelet is from @ezzys_wristcandy - two amazing sellers I found on Instagram, the rest are from Estella Bartlett. I love the colour and metal combination with a pop of black, perfect to wear everyday.

This headband is a gorgeous pink paisley print from New Look from 3 years ago - I don't wear headbands that often but I do love to add a pop of colour to a monochrome outfit. The heart sunglasses (which are new) are just a fun addition and I love them, so much so I went back and bought a tortoiseshell pair too...from Amazon of all places! The gorgeous pink Birkenstock style slides were a cheeky Bank Holiday find from TU clothing - but at £3.75! I had to have them! a nice upgrade from my standard pink Primarni flip flops and a great everyday shoe.

This "Wanderlust" tote bag was an impulse "Instagram made me do it" purchase, influenced by @hannahgale back in 2017 but I love it so much and always get compliments on it. I will admit I haven't used it very much as the last time I used it, was as an accidental hospital bag! I grabbed it when I headed to the maternity assessment unit, stuffed in my purse, magazines, bottle of water etc. Only expected to be there for a few hours.....nope came home with a baby!! but it was a nice pretty thing to look at in my room, just not the most practical! I have been using this so much in lockdown though, especially when I pop to the local shops - have actually not used a proper handbag in weeks!! The "Hello Sunshine" tote was a Primark find a few years ago and is another summer favourite, Primark make the cutest accessories and I find them to be better quality than the clothing.

Wearing My Wardrobe: The Bag

Adding this image in as I love it - this bag was a birthday gift from my in-laws back in 2014! I fell in love with the stripe and embellishment mix. Not the most practical but I have enjoyed using it to pop my purse, phone and keys in for a lockdown walk....will be making sure I use it more often, it is currently hung on my rail so I don't forget about it. I used to only carry big "Mary Poppins" bags but in the last two years have really discovered a love for something a little a good excuse to carry less.

Now the rest of the outfits....
Below are the remainder of my "simpler" outfit photos - I wish I could discuss all of them in detail but if I did we would all be here forever (maybe even longer than lockdown!) but if you do want more information on any of the images featured in this post, head over to my Instagram....

Wearing My Wardrobe: My Outfits

Now the plan is to keep "wearing my wardrobe", limiting my fast fashion shopping.....and hopefully keep photographing the outfits.
Lets see now lockdown is over if this is as easy!

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