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Kate Spade - Pastel Party

Kate Spade: Pastel Party

I have been a Kate Spade fan for years, but haven't loved anything enough to want to purchase for a while now but this seasons bags have knocked it out of the park for me and my credit card is itching to come out. The introduction of the brands new Twist lock last year sparked my interest but with more & more styles featuring this iconic fastening being introduced, I have become obsessed! The new season pastel palette is just gorgeous, maybe not the most classic but I already own a simple black Kate Spade so why not brighten up my day with one of these candy coloured leather lovelies (but most styles do come in the traditional black & navy if pastels are too much for your wardrobe).

One thing I love about this brand is the quality of the leather and materials used but at a reasonable price point...not cheap, still an investment in my eyes but not four figures like a lot of designer brand bags. I already have two bags from Kate Spade in my collection and they are both just as gorgeous today as the day I bought them...I have a black medium Park Avenue Beau (bargain find at Bicester Village) & a two tone Cedar Street Hayden (birthday present to myself), both neutral colours and a classic tote silhouette.

Now I wanted to share the four styles that are top of my wishlist from the latest collection....all a little different but with the twist lock in common and all coming in at under £400.

Kate Spade: Nicola Twistlock small top handleKate Spade: Nicola Twistlock small top handle
Kate Spade: Nicola Twistlock medium shoulderKate Spade: Romy medium satchel
If the handbag fairy is reading of each please.

Now I need to narrow it down to one ideally if I am gonna save up. Currently leaning towards the lilac medium shoulder bag, as it is the most practical but still stylish especially in the gorgeous pastel lilac shade (hate that I've become that person who considers practicality first in my purchases....miss being frivolous #mumlife). Although I love the Romy wicker I feel like this would be a little more limiting in terms of styling outside of the summer season and is maybe not quite as classic as I want for the price, but she is a beauty.

Which style would you choose.... leave me a comment below x
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