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Dreaming of Dior

Dreaming of Dior

Dior has been one of my dream brands for a while but only in recent seasons have I really started to LOVE it. The 2019/2020 collections really impressed me - I think it was the use of beautiful neutral tulles and creating such sexy, yet ultra feminine looks. It may also be helped that two of my favourite fashionistas (Victoria @inthefrow & Lydia @lydiamillen ) have been spotted in many a Dior look. The mix of dark & edgy alongside the light, girly colour palette is so beautiful - a grown up modern day princess look.

Now although inspired by the collections, I am very sure that I could never pull of a Dior outfit (too many curves) but I would definitely invest in some accessories - the jewellery & bags collection of late have been gorgeous and much more thought-out. All are investment pieces but for the right item, totally worth it. So I had a good browse online (a lockdown habit of late #wishlistafterwishlist) on the Dior website last week  and rounded up my favourite items of the moment - all pieces I would invest in (if I had the money) and I wanted to share them all with you....

The Dior Tribal earring set would be top of my list, I love the mix of styles and how the pearl sits on the earlobe (I have a pair of pearl ball earrings from ASOS that remind me so much of these and I love them)… maybe mixed up with the ear crawler on my the other ear? #earparty. The bracelet set is so on trend right now but again quite classic especially in a simple colour like navy or black, and a nice inexpensive way to add Dior to your outfit. The lady Dior style handbag is for me very iconic but it doesn't scream designer (like say the Louis Vuitton branding does) - but the beautiful girly blush pink and wildflower print add that extra something to quite a classic shape. In the medium size you would able to use this as an everyday bag rather than saving for best, getting that cost per wear down to a reasonable level. Finally I included a bag strap because I love the idea of giving an older bag a makeover, adding a touch of designer but in a practical way plus you can swap it to match your outfit of the day, I love customisable fashion.

The below photos are just a small selection of Dior styled images that have caught me eye, all so feminine but with an tough edge. As per usual the beautiful Victoria from IntheFrow is featured heavily as for me she sums up everything about Dior that I love....

Dreaming of Dior: Inspiration
Image credits: Header UK Harpers Bazaar May 2020 edition, SS20 couture report. All product images from (links above) & inspiration images from Pinterest, except those from Inthefrow

If money were no object what would you invest in?

I wanted to finish this post with an apology, for the amount of "wishlist" style posts of late. I have been on a limited spend over the last few months so there is a lot of stuff I would love to buy but am not letting myself, also just something about the lockdown has me scrolling through the internet and I just keep finding pretty things, which in the current situation are bringing me joy & I wanted to share them.....hope you don't mind too much x
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