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Sunday Saves

What is your favourite social media platform?
A question I can answer without hesitation...Instagram without a doubt. I may actually have a small addiction to the photo sharing app, but I find it an amazing source of entertainment and inspiration. Since the introduction of being able to save your favourite posts, I have been saving like a mad woman - everytime I see interiors or fashion that inspires me, I tick that little flag.

About six months ago I sat scrolling through the images I had saved and thinking about what I wanted to do with them, just saving them seemed I decided to start a hashtag and share my favourite saves every Sunday. Most of the time this is fashion/style but I have thrown in a few interior collections too. I wanted to share what was inspiring to me and also show some love to the insta world outside of my friends. So that is what this post is - an introduction to my hashtag, to show you some of my favourite saves from the last six months and hopefully get you guys to join in

It has been a very interesting exercise too, I have started to notice strong themes in what I save - for example a lot of the images I have saved recently have been from french ladies, I seem to be really feeling their style. So if you feel like your in a style rut or wanna shake things up a little, may I suggest looking through your saves and seeing if you have any themes. This may a colour palette, a specific item or print or just an overall aesthetic that you are drawn too.....then use this as a basis to update your style #freestyleadvice.

So much great fashion & so many lovely ladies - my favourite saves from the last six months, for the rest head over to Instagram.

#TGFsundaysaves - my favourites
Every Sunday I share 9 images and I will always tag the lovely ladies, so you too can follow them and be inspired. Click the # below and join in with your own Sunday Saves....but one request, please keep it positive, no negative nellies allowed x


I think I may share some more of my favourite saves again in 3 months, incase I have readers who don't use Instagram, so watch this space.

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