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Monthly Favourites #8

Monthly Favourites #8

Lockdown special.....My monthly series, sharing the food, fashion, beauty and entertainment that I'm currently enjoying.

Monthly Favourites #8 - Sunglasses & Gin

1. Sunglasses // Every year I will treat myself to a new pair of sunglasses (although always a cheap pair as they are too much of a temptation for a toddler to play with, to risk a fancy designer pair and I have a habit of standing/sitting on them). This year my new pair of sunnies were inspired by a mum style hacks video (watch here) from the gorgeous duo We Are Twinset. Such a quirky shape but perfect for my personality and a great way to style up a simple jeans and tee outfit. Bought on Amazon, avalaible in a variety of colours but I chose Tortoiseshell as it balanced out the quirky shape and is such a wearable colour, but I may have to go back and get either the baby pink or gorgeous sunshine yellow - maybe both as under £10 each so why not.

2. Gordons pink gin // A new discovery for me.... I always thought I didn't like Gin as I had only ever tried a classic Gin and Tonic (thanks Granny) but actually I discovered it's the tonic water I didn't like, not the gin. I recieved a minatures set of flavoured gins at Christmas to try and loved this one, teamed with lemonade and ice. A very trendy drink, but can't wait to try some of the the other flavours on the market - we have a strawberry one at the pub I work in, that tastes like strawberry shoelaces so think once lockdown is over I will  be sampling that one. I also got two of these iridescent gin glasses for Mothers Day and along with my flamingo ice cubes it makes the perfect summery drink - especially after a long day with a toddler.

Monthly Favourites #8 - Spring & Book

3. Spring // So happy that spring has finally sprung and at the perfect time for spending so much time at home. This warmer weather has brought a smile to my face and has made lockdown just a little easier plus all the beautiful flowers are starting to bloom, the village we live in has so many gorgeous pink and white blossom trees and it just makes my daily walk that little bit happier.

4. Fashionopolis book // The Price of Fast Fashion & the Future of Clothes, Written by Dana Thomas - Amazon. Had this book for Christmas but until now haven't really had time to read it, so enjoying putting my feet up and cracking on with the pile of four books I have ready to read. Only half way through at present but thoroughly enjoying, such a though provoking subject and so well written although quite hard going as there are lots of facts & figures. It has made me really think about the impact fashion is having on the world and it is quite scary read, but well worth it. Have a couple of fast fashion books on my desk to read - up next is "How to break up with fast fashion" by Lauren Bravo - Amazon.

Monthly Favourites #8 - Portal & Cars

5. Facebook Portal TV // A very modern favourite, I am not normally a great lover of technology but this has been a great investment...we had a Portal TV bar as a family present for Christmas as video calling with a toddler can be hard work especially when he doesn't sit still! but the camera on this follows you round the room so we can chat with family and little man just carries on playing. Has been so important the last month or so for keeping in touch with family. We have daily calls with my sister, as well both sets of parents - we wanted Mark to be able to see his family and know they are still there and he is at such a funny age, it is lovely for them to see him being his cheeky self whilst surrounded by trains! (Click for full product details)

6. Disney Cars // Just one of the many things keeping Mark happy right now, these and trains. I mangaged to pick up a set of these diecast Cars last year and we add to the collection as and when we find new ones (or when Mark comes back from the church toddler group with one in his pocket!). These along with trains are a great thing for his imagination and he knows them all by name.

Monthly Favourites #8 - Greys & Garden

7. Greys Anatomy // So unbelievably pleased this is finally back on UK TV, so sad it has taken months for it to air in this country but thank you NowTV, this has made me so very happy. Loving the new season so far - only 4 episodes in but gripping drama as usual. So sad that Jackson and Maggie are no longer together but over the moon that Amelia is pregnant! Whilst I am enjoying binge watching old shows on Netflix, it has been lovely to have my favourite show back on, especially as hubby loves it too, has become our Thursday night viewing.

8. My garden // Feeling very thankful for an outdoor space to enjoy, using it as an extra room in the house! Up until now Mark hasn't been that interested in the garden but actually in the last two weeks he has thrived from being outside. I have managed to dig out his paddling pool (filled with balls), moved his teepee from his bedroom and even managed to bag a free slide on FB from a lady on my estate...and he is living his best life although poor Steggy has seen better days (either wet or covered in mud most days!).

Monthly Favourites #8 - Disney+ & Joggers

9. Disney+ // Initially was skeptical about this service but after enjoying a free weeks trial, I have signed us up for a month - not 100% sure I will continue it but for now it is a great distraction tool. Also love reliving my youth and sharing all my favourites with Mark whilst discovering new films & characters.....Wreck it Ralph, The Princess & the Frog and The Rescuers will need to be added to the DVD collection ASAP..... especially Wreck it Ralph breaks the Internet as we watch it everyday!

10. H&M joggers // May have panic bought these when we went into lockdown. Wanted something comfy & casual but a little smarter than my old ones. Wore them a lot earlier in the month but have really been trying to make an effort so they haven't been worn as much as the weather has got hotter. They are high waisted, super soft and have cuffed legs - perfect loungewear but still looks cute with trainers and a denim jacket for a trip to the shops. I opted for the dark grey marl but these come in 7 colours so something for everyone....I am quite tempted to go back for a khaki pair, especially as I managed to get superglue on my leg last week, whilst trying to be a DIY goddess!  

What have been your monthly favourites? Any new lockdown discoveries?

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