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Taking your Makeup Off Sustainably

Taking your Makeup Off Sustainably | Reusable Bamboo Cotton Pads Review

It's hard to ignore the hot top of the moment - living sustainably.....whether you embrace it completely or just want to make a few changes to fit in with your lifestyle. In an attempt to make steps towards a more eco friendly life I had already started cutting down on my single use plastic, buying loose fruite & veg where possible and trying to find a nice, not too expensive keep cup for coffee (still looking, recommendations welcome). I wanted to do some research into what else I could do to lessen my impact on the enviroment - beauty was an area I had never thought of and I was very shocked to discover the statistics around the amount of water needed to produce a single cotton pad....something that I use at least one of everyday!
Regular cotton pads don't biodegrade due to the bleaching and mixing processes used to create them. The beauty industry has progressed so much now, there’s no need for cotton! Plus, by removing cotton pads from your routine, you're also reducing the amount of plastic packaging waste you produce, which is an added bonus. - Elle UK
So I decided to make my beauty routine a little more sustainable and switch to using reusable bamboo cotton pads - having used these now for two months, I wanted to share my experience and give an honest review.

I originally wanted to try the Face Halo pads but at £18 for just three pads, I decided to shop around as 3 pads just wouldn't get washed quick enough in my house! After a lot of research, looking at not only price but design and storage, I went for the Mooju Reusable Makeup Remover Pads from Amazon. A relavtively cheap set, as I didnt want to spend the earth until I knew if they worked for me and my skin, which can be sensitive with new products. The pads in this particular set are 2 ply, made from 70% bamboo / 30% cotton, unbleached, polar fleece making them soft, hypo-allergenic and perfect for all skin types, as bamboo has natural antibacterial properties. With 21 pads included this set has everything you need - 7 small for eye makeup removal, 7 for toner application and 7 general facial cleansing. It also comes with a little mesh bag for you to pop dirty pads in and a bamboo terry headband (nice little addition).

Taking your Makeup Off Sustainably | The Pads

So far I haven't actually used the pads for what is specified in the product description, I tend to use the two largest sizes for general face cleansing with either Micellar water or Clinque Take the Day off Balm cleanser but I do use the smaller pads for my eyes as they are the perfect size. The pads are so soft (even after multiple washes) and really help to properly clean my face, removing even waterproof mascara. I actually think, especially teamed with my Garnier Micellar water that these pads are so much better at getting the day off my face, they are always so much dirtier than a regular disposable pad ever was with the same cleanser. I also find they aren't super absorbant, unlike a disposable cotton pad which saves you money as your aren't using as much cleansing products, a great benefit.

Washing these pads couldn't be simpler - just pop all the dirty pads into the little mesh bag (very important, do not put in loose or they will end up stuck in the seal of the machine yuck!), throw it in the machine with your regular load of washing and they come out clean everytime - the only thing I do make sure to do, is rinsing the pad with hot water after use just to remove the bulk of the product before it goes into the bag. I then just leave them to air dry and once they are pop them back in the tub.....easy peasy.

Taking your Makeup Off Sustainably | The Packaging

One additional thing that I loved about this set is that the box/tub the pads come in is not only pretty but practical. It is the perfect place to store all the clean pads ready to use - but you wanna keep it away from water as it is cardboard!

Final Thoughts....

All in all I would definitely recommend this set - considering the fact it was only £13.99 I have been blown away by the quality and softness of the pads and am really happy that I made the switch from disposable pads. Whilst there are more expensive/better known brands out there like Halo, I do believe that we shouldn't have to spend a fortune to do our bit for the enviroment and this is a great budget alternative. For me this set has the perfect number of pads, allowing me to use two a day if I need to and not be worried if I need to go longer between washes perhaps whilst on holiday. The storage tub is ideal and as a bonus looks lovely in my bathroom. I am however intrigued to see just how long the pads last but only time will tell on that and maybe I will do an update to this post when they do need replacing. I will add though the only thing I do still use single use pads for is removing nail polish - not sure that would wash out so easily!

Click here to buy the Mooju Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

I would love to know of any reusable beauty you have used?
I am particularly after recommendations for reusable saintary products, as I think this is the next thing I would like to try although I am not 100% convinced about the whole concept after my intial any brand recommendations or reviews would be appreciated.

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