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First Impressions: Alex S X Primark

Alex S X Primark Beauty - first impressions

The latest highstreet beauty range to hit the market, is from none other than Primark- offering targeted products at bargain prices, so of course I was intrigued. As someone who has been more invested in my skincare routine in the last couple of years, but not wanting to spend lots on new products I wanted to give this range a try for myself. This premium skincare has been developed in collaboration with Alessandra Steinherr, one of the beauty industry's most renowned editors and skincare experts. With products designed to target specific skin concerns rather than skin types, the range comprises of 20 skincare goodies, all coming in at £5 or under. One of the main reasons I was so intrigued by this collaboration, is that Primark have enlisted a true expert, giving the products industry standard creditials and means this isn't just another low budget range that offers no real benefits. Also rather than just launching in store, each product and its benefits have been explained by its creator - giving consumers confidence to buy and an understanding of what each product has been designed for.

The products are split into five collections within the range, each is designed to target specific skin concerns:
Sleep Spa - Products that work whilst you sleep to leave skin feeling plumped, hydrated and restored.
Pore Balance - This range gently purifies and calms the skin, leaving it smooth and hydrated.
Plump & Glow - A plumping range that leaves skin with a fresh youthful appearance.
Maximum Moisture - For skin that needs a moisture surge, this range will be like a cool glass of water for the skin.
Pollution Solution - A range for city skin that counteracts some of the external factors our skin faces on a daily basis.

The first thing I want to discuss is the packaging - a much more simple and chic design than I ever expected from Primark. A clean white bottle/tube with Alessandra Steinherr's signature and a short description of the products benefits, along with a colour coded stripe which ties back to the specific skin concern that it is intended to benefit. Very simple and actually looks a lot more expensive than its under £5 price point, but also like a proper cohesive collection especially when it is all merchandised together in store.

For this review I chose four products to try initially, and below are my first impressions...

Alex S X Primark Beauty - first impressions | Daily skin starter & Face Mask

Pollution Solution - Daily skin starter £5
This was my gamble product, I wasn't in need of a "priming" product but thought anything that boasts pollution protection, in this day and age was worth a try. A nice cooling gel like formulation, a little like hand sanitizer, in a pump dispenser that gave just the right amount of product needed. Easy to apply, glides on to the skin without feeling sticky and absorbs quickly. I have worn both alone on top of my usual moisturiser as well as under makeup as a priming base - not 100% sure it has affected my makeup application but always good to know my skin has some protection underneath my CC cream. A nice to have product but not sure I would repurchase, as unlike the others I haven't found it added much to my skincare routine.

Pore Balance - Face Mask £5
I was probably most excited about this product, as it contains clay & charcoal, two ingredients that my skin really reacts well to and I love a pampering face pack on a Sunday. First of all I really like the packaging, a great pump dispenser, giving control as a little goes a long way - 100ml has lasted ages even when used twice a week. The mask itself was smooth to apply and gave good coverage. Once applied it left my face with a gentle tingling sensation and after 10 minutes washed off easily, with a clean muslin face cloth. Afterwards my skin felt taught, smooth and really clean. My skin responds well to a clay mask, it helps to deep clean my skin without drying it out and usually helps to keep pimples at bay and this mask has done just that. Will definitely be buying a second tube once mine finally runs out.

Alex S X Primark Beauty - first impressions | Sleep Mask & Eye Mask

Sleep spa - Face Mask £5
A hydrating, overnight treatment for the face, that works to plump, smooth & restore skin whilst you sleep. Good sized 50ml tube with a pump dispenser, containing an almost milky/gel like consistency cream (hard to describe!). Applies well although a little sticky on the skin, but absorbs quickly and leaves you with a healthy glow. My skin has felt plumped and hydrated after each use and I am already onto my second tube! This has been my favourite product in the range so far, offering something I haven't seen before, and that actually has made a difference to my skin - I apply after my regular moisturiser before bed and wake feeling refreshed. I have also seen a difference in my makeup after using this mask, it seems to give my skin a softer base to apply my CC cream or foundation to.

Sleep Spa - Eye Mask £4
An easy addition to my night time skincare, this little gel formula eye treatment, offers a cooling experience for tired eyes. With just one pump I was able to apply on both eyes, dabbing into my under eye area and gentle onto the lids. I was impressed to see a small difference after just one application, with both eyes seeming a little less puffy. As I don't use this every night, this small tube will last for ages, making it great value for money. Still undecided if I will be repurchasing or not, but would recommend especially if you suffer from tried puffy eyes on a regular basis.

After testing these products out for about six weeks (the range launched in October 2018, but it took me a while to track it down... Fosse Park, Leicester has it in stock now), I would highly recommend trying this range, especially if you dont want to spend lots finding the right products for your skin - I have always be a little dubious about cheap beauty products but as I said earlier in this post, having an expert behind the products really gave me confidence to use them. I will be going back to get a few more options next month, especially interested in trying the sheet masks and the micellar water - let me know in the comments below if there are any products in particular you would like me to try & review?

To find more about the collection, check out the video below, Alex explains each product in detail, what they are used for & the benefits for your skin -

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