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What Fashion Week means to me....

What Fashion Week means to me

As a self confessed lover of fashion, fashion week (or as it probably should be called - fashion month) has always been an exciting time of the year, but over the last ten years, it has really changed for me....

As a fashion marketing student at university, I was obsessed with the whole event, and in an attempt to feel part of it attending as many London Fashion Weekends as I could, but in reality these events are not even remotely like the shows, more like the grown up equivalent of the Clothes Show but a way for me to be surrounded by other fashionistas and experience/buy into new brands. I especially became mesmerized by Mulberry - back in the days of Emma Hill I loved the brand, more specifically its aesthetic and quirky spin on the catwalk show (who else would feature gnomes or monsters). I even managed to track down campaign postcards & brand books on ebay from several of the collections and still love to flip through them, remembering the British brand in what I believe was their its heyday. With this interest became brand specific posts, rounding up details & inspirations, showcasing my favourite looks from the catwalk as well as lots of brand imagery. I really miss the whimsical brand shots Mulberry used to create - my favourite being from AW12, which was inspired by the Maurice Sendak’s book Where The Wild Things Are. Click here to view this campaign as well all my other Fashion Week content.

Once i graduated, these "show posts" became less and less as life took over, but also with the introduction of social media the shows became a lot more accessible so i didn't feel the need to write about them anymore. Until recently i still managed to write a couple of posts per season - usually for my favourite designers - the amazing Sophia Webster, shoe goddess extraordinaire and the gorgeously quirky Anya Hindmarch but since having a baby, these again have lapsed somewhat. I had planned to get back on the horse this season but after discovering that there would be no Sophia Webster presentation this year (imminent baby arrival trumps fashion) i haven't had as much enthusiasm.....but keep your eyes peeled as there may be a cheeky Anya Hindmarch round up, as i cannot resist her exquisite accessories.

So what now?

Whilst I have fallen out of love with the fashion week of old, I still enjoy the spectacle and if I ever got the opportunity to go to a better believe I would be there with bells on!!! Wanting to be part of fashion week was a big part of my student days but was so exhausting, especially as i didn't live in London - and would have be even more so if i had actually gone to any seems like a glamorous event to attend but more and more in recent years, fashionistas have pulled back, to just a hand full of shows as it is an impossibly grueling week of basically running around London as no two shows are in the same location. With the technology innovations of recent years, with apps such as Twitter & Instagram, being able to watch other bloggers content has helped to relive this pressure and allows fashion to be enjoyed again and in some cases shopped instantly! #fastfashion #thefutureoffashion

For me Fashion week is now all about street style and taking inspiration from fabulous ladies to use in my own everyday styling. I find there is something very relaxing about scrolling through beautiful outfit imagery and using this to inspire me, especially whilst i have been finding my fashion groove again after having bubba.

So i will leave you with some of my favourite fashion week street style images, from the last few years....and let you consider
"What does Fashion Week mean to you?"

Fashion Week - all about the street style
If you want to see more head over to my Fashion Week board over on PinterestImage credits: Header/1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9
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