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Temperley - AW18

Temperley AW18

"The Winter 2018 collection imagines the Temperley London woman embarking on a unprecedented journey. A relevant tribute to pioneering aviatrixes who inspired women around the world to defy convention. It is a celebration of their fearlessness in pursuit of adventure and freedom that was to be found in the sky." -

A collection best summed up as 1940s-showgirl-meets-WW2-pilot, with Amelia Earhart featuring on the mood board alongside embroidered military badges, flight jackets and sequins....all about strong women. I love the clear story behind the collection; the "world war workwear" element with the military inspirations, badging and soft tailoring mixed with true old school Hollywood glamour.

Pieces: Soft tailoring alongside sharp double breasted jackets, belted jumpsuits and coats with shimmering metallic pinstripes. Shearling Aviator jackets and oversized trenches layered over looks. Beautiful prints emulating starry night skies in pussybow midi length dresses. With all looks finished off with printed neckerchiefs, waisted gold medallion belts and boxing boots - sports lux juxtaposed against full on glamour. The attention to detail on the cocktail dresses especially is phenomenal....if only i had an occasion to wear such a piece!

Colour Palette: Chanelling the era of film noir; shades of venom, ivy and moss greens, moonbeam, slate and silver greys, sprinkled with ochre and soft pink hues.

Temperley AW18 - Looks #1Wartime workwear mixed with old school Hollywood Glamour....
Temperley AW18 - Looks #2

I think my favourite look from the collection would have to be the black & silver cut out sequin paneled cocktail dress (#7 above). Something about the mix of fabrics and intricate panels is beautiful, a very sexy yet covered up dress. Really reminds me of old Hollywood and would be amazing teamed with a black knee high stiletto boot and clutch. At a mere £1,495 i'll take two!
Check out the collection's lookbook now on the Temperley site, with many items avaliable to pre-order now.
Also watch the show in all it's glory... and be sure to comment below on which is your favourite look.

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