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#25 Days of Christmas Photo challenge

#25daysofchristmas photo challenge

So this is my second Photo a Day Challenge (see my March one here) and i thought December was the perfect month to take on another challenge - not only documenting #BabySheath's first Christmas but also capturing all those family moments that i want to remember for years to come. Feeling super festive this year - i don't know whether it's being on maternity leave so having more time to enjoy it or just that this time of year is so much more magical with a little one, plus i guess proper snow in December helped too - very rare in the UK!

So onto the photos - first up is the challenge itself.... and please feel free to use next year,  just remember to use the hashtag #TGFphotoaday.

#25daysofchristmas - The Challenge
And now the photos... and to see in full, with tags & links head over to my Instagram
#25daysofchristmas - Days 1-8
#25daysofchristmas - Days 9-16
#25daysofchristmas - Days 17-24
#25daysofchristmas - Day 25
Would love to know which photo is your favourite from the month... let me know below x
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