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#Babysheath Six Month Update

I never could have imagined that time would fly by so fast, it seems like five minutes ago we came home from hospital with this delicate, squishy little lump but in reality Mark is now 7 months old! Gone are the sleepless nights (for now anyway) and the delicious chubby baby fat and left in its place is a happy, little dude. Now don't get me wrong the last 7 months have not be a breeze, but compared to some of the horror stories i have heard about newborns, Mark has been a delight.

Now there have been many ups - daily smiles and giggles, a solid 12 hours at night (bliss), seeing him grow and develop, the happiness he brings to our families and the amazing range of expressions he has shown during weaning - he is loving his food. But there have been downs - mainly pain and discomfort caused by reflux, teething, injections and fighting nap times (he thinks he is a big boy now and doesn't need them but he definitely does). However the ups outweigh the downs 100 to 1 and i wouldn't change a moment.

* Almost sitting up and rolling over (he was five weeks early so may take him a little longer to do)
* Sleeping through the night from around 12 weeks
* Grabbing his feet and constantly pulling off his socks
* Picking things up and grabbing toys, especially loves the baby wipes pack
* Putting EVERYTHING in his mouth
* Chuntering and chatting with everyone, he likes to be involved in conversations
* Laughing and smiling all the time at anyone and everyone
* Blowing raspberries - thanks Auntie Helen for that tutorial
* He has two teeth and two more on the way, so lots of flushed cheeks and teething gel
* He is now eating two meals a day, breakfast and lunch and will be moving to three shortly

* He loves banana porridge and sweet potato
* Books he loves: the Hungry Caterpillar, Oi! Frog, Ten Little Dinosaurs
* He loves Ronald rabbit & Bobble bunny, his cuddly toys

He is such a social butterfly like his mum, and is so happy being around other babies. He has a great group of little friends and it warms my heart to think they will all go to the same school and grow up together, causing mischief as boys do. His mischievous little character becomes more and more apparent everyday and i cannot wait to see the cheeky little boy he will grow up to be.

Babysheath 6 month update: Favourite moments
Such a smiler | My little coffee date | Lunch with Auntie Helen | Ball time with Willow | My little bunny
Wrapped up warm | Disney Education | Cuddles with Great Granny | My sleepy boys

We are preparing for Christmas as this post goes live - his 1st Christmas and i am sooooooo excited. I realise that he wont remember much, if any of it or be that involved but still there is nothing more magical. Christmas day will probably consist of Mark eating the wrapping paper and Willow the cat sitting in any unattended boxes - they make a right little pair. This time of year also means that his classes are all festive themed so there have been many, many outfits which make me smile as there is nothing cuter than a baby in dress up....he makes a great little Reindeer!

Above are just some of my favourite Mark memories from the last six months but if you want to keep up with his progress and see many, many more photos (yes i am that mum, that stalks her baby with a camera!) be sure to follow my Instagram:
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