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Style Spotlight: Inthefrow

Style Spotlight: Inthefrow

Finding her well heeled niche in the high-end & designer spectrum of fashion, blogger and Youtuber Victoria Magrath aka Inthefrow, has become one of my everyday fashion idols. An aspirational fashionista, giving her readers a glimpse into the stylish world of designer brands such as Dior, Chanel & Burberry as well as the more affordable highstreet favourites Reiss and Ted Baker, to name a few. Her style and hair colour have evolved so much in the last few years, and I have enjoyed following this journey as well as discovering a plethora of new brands along the way. I would class Victoria's style as classic, structured with a strong focus on quality and beautiful accessories - this girl owns more boots than the shoe hall of Selfridges!

Style Spotlight: Inthefrow, classic pieces

A true believer in classic staples mixed with statement pieces, Victoria regularly incorporates items such as skinny jeans, leather trousers and her self professed favourite, the polo neck into her outfits. Then layers on her seasonal newness and wow factor through luxurious outerwear, statement footwear and an array of beautiful designer handbags. I particularly love the lace midi skirt outfit above - a beautiful mix of feminine lace, a basic polo neck layered with an unusual knitted vest and a bold pop of red, beautiful for this time of year.

Style Spotlight: Inthefrow, beautiful pairings

All the autumnal shades in this group of outfits - loving the rich palette and transitional looks. The amazing Temperley midi dress, Anya Hindmarch bag and bare leg combination from London fashion week is a look I am so inspired by, the print of the dress is just gorgeous - I will be trying my best to recreate with high street pieces. Each of these looks is relatively simple - a lightweight knit and mini skirt teamed with ankle boots but with the mix of brands, colours and textures making them all individual and special. Victoria has a keen eye for unexpected pairings and colour combinations.

Style Spotlight: Inthefrow, fashion chameleon

Victoria is a fashion chameleon - switching up her style regularly. Able to switch effortlessly between ladylike chic and channelling her inner boho goddess in a printed maxi dress. To mixing it up with a very casual jeans and a lace tee combo or styling a classic LBD with a denim jacket and ankle boots - a Victoria staple item. This ability to flit between style tribes and influences creates a truly varied and unique outlook on fashion and personal style #stylegoals.

Style Spotlight: Inthefrow, all the glamour

Finally this girl loves a touch of Hollywood glamour - above are just a few of the AMAZING gowns Victoria has doned in the name of fashion recently. Working the princess look in statement red along with a more gothic, sexy take on glamour in these two amazing Dior dresses - very bold and takes a lot of confidence to pull off a see through dress (with your underwear fully on display) which she does with ease! celebrated its 5th birthday during October, so it felt only fitting to feature Victoria in the style spotlight. I am looking forward to seeing what the next five years holds for this lady and her amazing wardrobe......and just putting it out there, can you imagine what maternity "inthefrow" style will look like!!

If you haven't had chance to check out the gorgeous stylings of Inthefrow, make sure to bookmark the blog and follow on Youtube & Instagram.

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