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Astrid & Miyu Jewellery

Astrid & Miyu is "the" hot brand of the moment on social media, as seen on the lovely Victoria from @inthefrow and Suzie from @hellooctober. I had seen the name pop up a couple of time but always assumed that this brand was up there with Monica Vinader & Missoma in terms of price, but after seeing some beautiful pieces in a "What i wore in a week" video from @hellooctober, i decided to take a closer look. So pleased to find that not only are the pieces beautiful, on trend but also very reasonably priced - don't get me wrong it's not super cheap but all items come in under £100 - amazing! I really love the dainty but statement look of the pieces and that most are available in a variety of metals, perfect to mix and match your look.

Feeling inspired, i ordered the Wishbone ear cuff in rose gold. Beautifully packaged, quick delivery and a stunning item of jewellery - simple, delicate and adorned with white diamantes. It looks great with my silver and rose gold star studs, fits comfortably in the crook of my ear and although a little awkward to get on/off the first couple of time, it isn't budging which is great as it won't fall off. I decided to go for a cuff, as I wanted to treat myself to something but can't wear anything too big at the moment, as Mark is in a phase of grabbing hair, clothes, anything he wants but this looks great and is baby friendly. 

After buying the cuff, i now have my eye on a couple more pieces for my collection - a mixture of silver and rose gold (love to mix at the moment) and wanted to share them with a helpful shopping reference for hubby before Christmas!
*Worth noting that if you sign up for the Astrid & Miyu newsletter you get 10% off your first order.

The Perfect One ring £39 - Rose Gold / Silver / Gunmetal  Rose Gold New Tricks Star stud earrings £49

Which is your favourite Astrid & Miyu piece?

*All imagery from except header image (credit).

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