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The Look for Less: Michael Kors Rhea Studded Backpack

The Michael Kors Rhea backpack

Still on the hunt for the perfect, stylish backpack (although I love my ASOS one from last summer), I have been looking for something classic and everyday but still looks fashionable. A style that appears to be hanging around for a while longer, the backpack is fast becoming the fashionistas choice for convenience and ease whilst keeping its chic edge. Now i know the Michael Kors Rhea backpack has been around for a while now, and I am probably a little late on the band waggon but it is a great day bag, with a subtle rock chic edge that toughens up any everyday look - especially nice balancing out a feminine dress.
Main image credit: adelaacanski 

Always on the look out for a good designer dupe, I was surprised to stumble across this one whilst browsing on Ebay - what do you think, not a bad dupe?

The Studded backpack - Michael Kors or Dupe

So the Michael Kors Rhea comes in at around £300, which is reasonable for a designer bag but still a lot of money.
The Ebay version is a much more reasonable £22 plus £2.95 P&P.

I already had high expectations for this bag, after a super quick two day delivery (only paid for standard Royal Mail), and my first impressions it!

A great everyday size to fit all my essentials in, whilst not making me look like I am about to go to school or trek across the Himalayas - with the perfect length straps that means it sits comfortably in the centre of my back. Made from a great quality leather look PU, soft and supple with a nice textured finish, not the horrible cheap shiny PU like most cheap bags are made from. With large gold zips and hardware (not the cheap brassy kind either), and plenty of internal pockets to keep your stuff organised - the usual mobile phone pouch and a large zipped pocket. 

My only two slightly negative comments would be that the Michael Kors Rhea comes with 3 separate compartments, whereas the Ebay version only has one large compartment but with multiple openings, meaning you cannot separate out your stuff. Also I wish it had a key clip inside so I didn't have to rummage around for my house keys, but my big pompom keyring has helped to locate them easier. Not what I would class as deal breakers for me, but something to consider if you do decide to purchase this bag.

All in all this is a great dupe, definitely worth a look if you too have been lusting after the Michael Kors version, especially as the only real difference is that the dupe has no branding. This style does also come in a couple of other colours including Tan & grey, and as I said above delivery was really quick.

What do you think? Be sure to leave me a comments below...

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