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Hello, welcome back & Happy New Year.......

So you may or may not have noticed, I have been absent for a little while - think the last time I posted was way back in October (Monthly Favourites #5 in case you missed it), but I am still here and can finally share why I have been absent..... my husband and I are having a baby!!

A very exciting year ahead, although I will admit as yet I am still waiting for the shiny second trimester feeling to kick in, especially after a tough first few months but still very excited to meet this little person in June. With this development along with a full time job, sadly The Glitter Fashionista fell off my list of priorities, but with the new lease of energy promised headed into month 5, I am hoping to get back into some kind of routine, maybe not twice weekly posts but definitely more contact than the last few months - just bare with me while I find my groove again.

During 2017, I want this blog to evolve with me as I enter motherhood and this will mean a small shift in content but the focus will still be fashion, style & beauty just with a sprinkle of baby on top. So as well as announcing my exciting news I wanted to ask my readers, what you would like me to share? As a first time mum I have found other bloggers take on the experience really helpful and at times comforting, so much so I wanted to share some of my pregnancy journey. As this is a fashion blog I will of course be writing a few posts on maternity fashion (which is a minefield!!) but I would love to hear what you would like to read please leave a comment below. 

For any expectant mums out there, the three ladies I have found most helpful, not just for maternity style but general baby content: 
Blog - J for Jen, YouTube - Beauty Crush & Rhiannon Ashlee

So here's to 2017 and all the adventures it has in store....wish me luck!

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