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Six Instagram accounts you should follow...

Instagram accounts you should follow

Of all the platforms around in the social media world, Instagram is by far my favourite (although i am not loving the new Instagram stories) because as they say "a picture is worth a thousand words". It has in fact become something of an addiction, scrolling through beautiful imagery whenever i find myself at a loose end. I like to use my Instagram feed as an extension of my Pinterest boards, following people/brands that inspire me and so far these six ladies are top of the list.

All are within the fashion world, but with very different fashion tastes and style of photography but equally inspiring....if you follow anyone today make it one of these ladies.

Instagram accounts you should follow: @livpurvis
Who: Olivia Purvis
A British blogger, with a simplistic style which is a mix of pretty and vintage inspired pieces. Olivia's account has a great mix of fashion and lifestyle images, with lots of pink and girly touches. My favourite image here would have to be the Honey Bee dress and bag from Kate Spade - playful and girly, and who could resist the Minnie mouse ears?

Instagram accounts you should follow: @damselindior
Who: Jacey Duprie
All about monochrome, Jacey's account is a collection of beautifully styled outfits and accessories. A lady who knows her style and has perfected the uniform for life, mixing casual looks filled with jeans and striped tees with feminine dresses, along with so many beautiful designer handbags and sunglasses. This feed is perfect for inspiration and styling tips - i am loving the lace top and straw hat combo above, wish i looked that stylish when i travel.

Instagram accounts you should follow: @blaireadiebee
Who: Blair Eadie
Think Blair is still the #1 account i follow. This ladies style is impeccable and i am jealous of about 90% of her wardrobe. A super girly, girl with lots of pink, pastels and florals but balanced out with jeans, monochromes and pops of bold colour. Blair was actually featured in my Style Spotlight series, if you want to see more beautifully styled looks.

Instagram accounts you should follow: @emmarosethatcher
Who: Emma Rose Thatcher
The most recent discovery but one i am obsessed with. Emma has such great laid back style, mixing high-street with designer pieces effortlessly. I fell in love with her Instagram account when i saw the floral dress for Zara look, teaming something very feminine with casual western style ankle boots.

Instagram accounts you should follow: @agirlastyle
Who: Briony Whitehouse
Loved the blog of the same name for years now, ever since i saw that Briony had an obsession with Mulberry like me. The perfect feed of girly dresses, denim and pearls...Briony has really cultivated her look and theme - you can see throughout all the posts, a very sophisticated girly style and always with her signature pearls. The blazer and Lulu Guinness cross-body look had me lusting after that bag for weeks (sadly sold out!)

Instagram accounts you should follow: @hannahfgale
Who: Hannah Gale
Such a down to earth lady, keeps it real by showing not only her great style but also her life. Love that she is a kitty mum like me so plenty of cat pictures in her feed to. She isn't afraid of a good high-street bargain, regularly posting about Primark, making her really relatable. I actually think of all the ladies in this post my style is most like Hannah's and her account is not only a daily does of inspiration but a danger to my credit card! 

* all images used in this post taken from the above Instagram accounts


Is there anyone in your Instagram feed, you think i would want to follow?

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