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My Cloud Satchel

Ever since my husband bought me my first Cambridge Satchel, for my birthday back in April, i have been obsessed with the brand (love, love, love the new neon pink Poppy backpack) and when i saw a couple of sale emails with an extra 20% off, pop up in my inbox i thought it rude not to take a look!

I was so excited to find the beautiful Peony Peach Striped Cloud bag in the sale but after much consideration, i decided although absolutely gorgeous and a great price, it is a very summery colour and i already have my dusk blue satchel for the summer months. So i decided to keep looking, at what else was in the sale and came across the Patent Cloud bag in this beautiful oxblood colour. Oxblood happens to be one of my favourite colours and my go to shade for the winter months so i thought this would be perfect choice. So i made a cheeky little purchase.....

Scalloped edges

Not normally a patent lover, but this isn't your usual super glossy patent, its more like a subtle shine that is actually really pretty, but no matter what angle i shoot it from, it looks a different shade in every shot!

Satchel hardware

Slightly larger in size but slimmer then my push lock, the Cloud satchel is the perfect size and fits all my everyday essentials in - see exactly what fits here. I love the scalloped edge on the flap, a very modern detail that adds an extra feminine touch. I had been put off the traditional satchels as they were too structured but somehow this scalloped edge softens the overall silhouette of the bag. I am also really impressed with the detailing on this bag, beautiful but simple - classic gold hardware, with subtle brand moments (on the twist lock panel and the strap buckle) and that unmistakable smell of quality leather.

My Cambridge Cloud Satchel

Although i bought predominately to wear in the Autumn, i couldn't resist teaming it with my new boho top the other day, as the colour of the bag picked out the embroidery i was way too excited to just leave it in it's dustbag!

Be sure to head over to The Cambridge Satchel Company and "bag a bargain". This Patent Cloud style was £145 down to £70 but so worth the money for a quality leather bag from a true British brand.

Which style would you choose in the sale?

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