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New Blogger Office

New Blogger Office

"Do what you love, love what you do"... 

After feeling very uninspired lately with my blog - still love it and enjoy working on content, but super busy at work so time has not been on my side. To help try and combat this i decided to finally create myself some dedicated space in my house where i can sit and create in peace. Normally i will either sit in the kitchen, on the sofa or in bed but not only are these venues not good for my back, i have to keep moving/packing away to make space for life. 

So now here i sit, in my little corner of the spare bedroom on a big antique dining room table (until i get to IKEA to find a new desk) surrounded by my favourite fashion/style books, copious amounts of beautiful stationery and little miss Willow snoozing next to me. Going to have to be careful though - could find myself whiling away hours in here.

New Blogger Office - all about the pin board

New Blogger Office - books beautiful books
I like to have a big pin board of images on the desk, as while i do love my Pinterest boards, there is just something so old school about physically collecting images. I also love to keep all these images in a notebook (was told by a lecturer at Uni to always have a book of inspiration - you never know when it will come in handy) so this book has about 8 years of tearings in it.

I also have just a couple of my favourite fashion/style theme books - have way too many to store here but wanted to have a few at hand, to flick through for inspiration. Accompanied by a selection of the latest magazines - Vogue / Hello Fashion and Elle Collections. And last but no means least, no desk would be complete without the nic-nacks....mug, pens, post it notes and lots of pretty notebooks.

New Blogger Office

The final items are my filofax, where i do all my post planning - this one is the A5 patent Domino in neon pink. I find actually writing lists and notes helps me, although i do also use the Wunderlist app on my phone - perfect partners.  Along with my laptop, where all the magic happens - a HP Stream 11" in the gorgeous shade of purple. Not the biggest or the best but covers all my needs and most important of all is super light. 

Already feeling more inspired, by simply having a place to collate my thoughts and space to shoot some pretty photo's. I do however think there are a few bits still missing, that i will tackle once i get a proper desk, but thought i would share with you my current Blogger office wishlist (it will get a lot bigger)....that lets be honest are all items that will make this space Instagramable...(all products linked below).

Blogger Office Wishlist

Now back to work......or should i say catching up on YouTube videos, sadly the new space hasn't completely solved my procrastination issues!

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