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Looks i'm Loving - Spring Lookbook

Spring Lookbook

Welcome to my spring lookbook - teaming a couple of gorgeous new items (including the laced wedges, bardot dress and floral bomber jacket) with some old wardrobe faithfuls to create easy, go to looks. I would say i have a fairly classic style, i like to keep my clothing simple but i do love a statement print or accessory and a fabulous pair of shoes, to add some personality to my outfits. All of the featured looks embrace garments that i know suit my body shape and style, making me feel confident and summeryCombining a mix of transitional and more summer styles as i have to be prepared for anything, the UK weather is so unpredictable - bright sunshine or torrential downpours (sometimes within the same day). 

Dress & wedges

Bardot top & satchel

Floral dress

Floral bomber jacket

Bardot striped dress

What would be your spring go to looks?
What do you think to this post? It is only my second proper outfit post, but wont be my last.

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  1. I really love your lookbook. It's nice how it's a mix of everything in your wardrobe. Such as heels/flats, jeans, skirts etc... Very balanced, I love it x
    Yukova by Yuliya Oleynykova

    1. The Glitter Fashionista05 June, 2016

      Thanks hun - i like to have some variety mixing up old and new to create new looks. Glad you liked x


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