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Style Spotlight: Chiara Ferragni

Chiara Ferragni

If you haven't heard the name Chiara Ferragni, where have you been? One of the worlds biggest, most influential fashion/style bloggers, Chiara has achieved what most bloggers aspire to - world domination!! She started her fashion blog "The Blonde Salad" way back in October 2009 but today it is so much more than just a blog, it’s a source of inspiration and style for millions of readers around the world. On top of the usual brand collaborations and multiple magazine appearances, Chiara is the creative director of her own shoes & accessories line as well as being named by Business of Fashion, as one of the most influential personalities of the international fashion world - not bad going for a 29 year old!!

Now that's enough about the businesswoman, lets get onto the important matter of the fashion...

Chiara Ferragni Quirky outfits

A chameleon of style, Chiara is not afraid to push the limits and embrace the quirky - slogans, cartoon characters and bright coloured fur are just some of the statement regulars in her outfits. While some the looks are a little out there - the red fur coat covered in flowers is gorgeous but is a little too Elmo for me, she somehow pulls it off and looks amazing doing so. One element you find in most Chiara outfits is something Fendi, she is a massive fan of the super brand and often has one of the super cute Fendi monster keyrings swinging from her bag, taking the pompom trend to another level (and an expensive one at that!). My favourites from the quirky looks above would have to be the queen of hearts dress and coat combo, very feminine but toughened up with  the biker boots as well as her purple furry coat with matching mittens, dressing up a casual slogan sweatshirt and jeans. 

Chiara Ferragni classic looks

Although all about fun, she is also a master at classic, girly dressing too - making an easy ripped jeans and blazer combo seem fresh and chic with killer accessory and effortless style. It seems like when she does do a simple look she will opt for jeans and a great bag then add a touch of fun through a statement shoe or jacket. I love the simple mini dress looks above - letting the dresses do the talking and keeping her accessories simple yet bold. In particular i like the centre image, a stunning intricate dress and red courts shoes is gorgeous but taken to another level with the addition of a fedora - not a combination you think would work but it does, almost added a casual element to an evening outfit. 

If you want to see more amazing looks from this fashionista and her Fendi monster army be sure to check out my Pinterest board.

For inspiration be sure to check out Chiara's blog The Blonde Salad, and to get your hands on some of the iconic wink accessories head to 

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