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My 30th Birthday

I borrowed the title for today's post from the movie "13 going on 30"..... one of my guilty pleasure films from my 20's, as it seemed very apt for summing up how i feel about turning 30. I am very much of the opinion that your only as old as you feel and that age is just a number so i always enjoy celebrating my birthday with family. This year i knew i wanted to get away and Paris was the perfect destination for a girly couple of days with my mum and little sister and so easy on the Eurostar direct from London. 

We spent five nights in the beautiful city visiting all the sights - a cruise down the Seine, a very wet trip to the Eiffel tower, a spot of afternoon shopping on the Champs-Élysées (including what could be described as a supermarket sweep trolley dash round Sephora), a mild Asthma attack climbing the bell tower at Notre Dame, watching crazy drivers whizzing around the Arc de Triomphe and a magical day at Disneyland. Spending a whole day regressing back to my childhood with Mickey Mouse and friends was the perfect end to my twenties and being able to wear Minnie mouse ears for the whole day was just the cherry on top.

A trip to Paris

Just a few of my favourite shots from a fantastic trip filled with laughter, macaroons and lots of croissants. Big thank you to my mum and sister for a lovely few days away - now onto enjoying my thirties and all the adventures to come.

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