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Givenchy - Live Irresistible

Givenchy - Live Irresistible

I don't know about you but i have struggled for a few years now to find my perfect everyday fragrance - not since my teenage years and Tommy Girl, have i found one scent that smells amazing and matches my personality....that is until earlier this year when i discovered the new offering from Givenchy - Live Irresistible.

"Your mood: Happy and irresistible, Your motto: You only live once, Your fragrance: A mischievously spicy fruity floral that, just like your brightest smile, sparkles with irresistible energy. Being yourself is what makes you irresistible, so live your life to the fullest with Live Irr├ęsistible Eau de parfum!" 

A fruity floral, fizzy and spicy scent...with top notes: Juicy pineapple, heart notes: Spicy rose and base notes: Amber accord - which all together make the perfect everyday scent.

The scent makes me smile and think of summer, its the notes of pineapple that remind me of sugary cocktails and lounging by the pool in the sunshine. One spritz on my wrists gives me a full day of lingering fragrance that to me is very feminine and light. Plus who doesn't love a gorgeous bottle of pink perfume especially with the beautiful Amanda Seyfried as the face of the campaign. 

Givenchy - Live Irresistible
Givenchy - Live Irresistible

Available in most of the usual places in the UK but the cheapest i have been able to find the 40ml is Boots £39.50. 

What is your go to fragrance?

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