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Warby Parker SS16 - Stylish Specs

SS16 Warby Parker
When i was little there was such a stigma attached to wearing glasses, i used to hate having to get mine out to read the board in class but unfortunately being able to see is kind of a prerequisite at school. Oh how things have changed, now that glasses are in fashion and have become an accessory the same as any bag or piece of jewellery. Channeling a touch of geek chic is now seen as cool and i am so happy about that - now a proud glasses wearer! However with this trend comes the annoyance of not being able to find fashionable frames - unless you want to spend designer prices you can be limited in your choices.

The new SS16 eyewear collection from Warby Parker is just what the fashion gods ordered - stylish geek chic at affordable prices (starting from $95) and in an array of styles and colours (perfect for matching to your wardrobe needs). I could spend hours looking at all the beautiful frames but here are the four that i love the most:

SS16 Warby Parker Eyewear
So hard to narrow down my favourites, with such a wide selection available (which makes a change) but i tend to go for styles that are bold and a little larger in frame size. For me all of these frames would suit my style and add that touch of geek chic i like to have in my glasses. I particularity love "Finch" in this beautiful pastel shade, bold but not in a garish way - the complete opposite to the "Burroughs" pair in a super statement bright blue shade. Don't panic if you prefer the more classic black or tortoiseshell they have these too - but for me i am embracing being a glasses wearer now and in my opinion the bolder, the better.

Along with stylish specs Warby Parker also have beautiful sunglasses too, also starting from $95. Their new SS16 sun collective collection offers statement styles at affordable price - perfect for me as i love sunglasses but could never part with $400+ for a designer pair (i always loose them or sit on them!). As with the specs i have pulled together my favourite styles and not surprisingly a couple of them actually share the same frame shapes....that's what i call synergy!

SS16 Warby Parker Sun Collective
Three fairly similar styles in terms of size and shape, however i love the subtle different detailing on each one. Think my favourite pair would have to be the Laurel - something about the feminine pastel shade of the frames (pastels are my go to for SS16) and the classic shape just drew me in but i do also really love the shape and print used on the Haskell pair, something a little bit different. Oh decisions decisions - far to much choice!!

If all of this beautiful choice wasn't enough they also offer a home try on service (where you can choose up to 5, try for 5 days and then send back all free of charge), to ensure you get the right frames for you - a great idea as i don't know about you but i spend far to long trying on frames in a store and to be able to do this in the comfort of my own home is ideal. On top of this service, the brand also run a fantastic Charity project - Buy a pair, give a pair which means you can look stylish and give back (combining style with helping others is so important to me). Although the styles above are all for me, Warby Parker frames are not just for the ladies, they also offer men's sunglasses and eyewear too.

One thing to note, sadly Warby Parker is only available in the US & Canada at present, guess the UK will have to wait - not sure hubby and the cat would be too impressed moving to another country just so i can have pretty eyewear!

*All imagery from Warby Parker

For more information and to see the fantastic choice available in both glasses and sunglasses head over to

Which styles would you choose - i'd love to hear x

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  1. These are so gorgeous. I always wished I that I needed to wear glasses because I thought other people looked so cute in them. I still don't need them though! Ah, the misery!


  2. LOL how funny - i hated wearing them until recently and so pleased specs brands are realising that the fashion conscious out there do need to see but want to look stylish doing it. You should check out the sunglasses though, no prescription needed there x

  3. Anonymous30 May, 2016

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