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Style Spotlight: Blair Eadie

I have always been interested in street style, maybe even obsessed. I love people watching and as the streets are the everyday girls catwalk i find lots of inspiration there. Pinterest is an amazing source for street style imagery and one lady who is always in my feed and appears on almost all of my street style boards is Blair Eadie from Atlantic Pacific. I find her style to be polished and chic yet super fun, she is one of my favourite fashionistas and one of my inspirations, plus she has the best photographer - her outfit shots are beautiful not only the clothes but the locations and angles..perfection.

I think Blair maybe one of the few women who can pull off dungarees and not look like a teenager, adding heels and a breton stripe tee and accessories is such a grown up way to wear. Her casual looks are based around a great pair of jeans, with a killer jacket/coat, classic shoes and statement accessories and always a pair of oversized sunglasses. Plus this girl loves a hat - fedora, beanie or bobble all appear in many outfits. These casual looks tend to be in a very muted classic palette with lots of black, camel, grey and tonal neutrals.

Serious wardrobe envy here, so many beautiful skirts and dresses, not to mention some serious statement accessories - would love to see her closet and fawn over the shoes and bags in her collection. The vintage Chanel brooch has become an icon in her outfit posts and is such a simple way to add a chic element to a look. A true girly girl, Blair opts for feminine pieces, favouring midi skirts and dresses most of the time, but throwing in a mini occasionally to mix things up and letting one statement item do the work, teamed with classic basics. This is also where she plays with colour, mixing in some pastels as well as bold primary colours to add a touch of fun. I think my favourite look here is actually the camo miltiary jacket, teamed with a simple white shirt, black skirt, black pump combo and tan accessories (plus the Chanel brooch) - would never have thought of camo being fashionable or stylish but in a small dose with the right styling is a great look.

This is one of the latest looks from Blair and i am in love. This rainbow jacket is stunning and would look amazing with jeans but at a hefty £1,040 i will just have to dream...

All images the property of the blog Atlantic Pacific

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  1. Blair is hands down one of my favorite fashionistas! She always looks amazing! Love your round up of her best looks!


    1. Such an inspiring lady when it comes to style - had a tough time narrowing down my favourite looks as there were so many!


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