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Anya Hindmarch AW16 - Fried eggs & Pac-man

Anya Hindmarch AW16

"The Autumn Winter 2016 collection examines pixilation and colour: the building blocks of digital design. I’m fascinated with the debates surrounding digital design as 'art' so have started at the beginning, with early 8 bit graphics and pioneering arcade games. We’ve explored each design using innovative leatherwork techniques such as heat-fusing and leather marquetry. These ideas are brought to life on the runway in a show that explores the development of artificial consciousness and poses the question, do computers dream when they sleep?" - Anya Hindmarch

Never actually watched an Anya Hindmarch show before, (admittedly i watched this season's from the comfort of my sofa) but i have been aware of her beautiful bags and accessories for a few years now, not so much the clothing side of the brand, but after seeing this collection i will be watching more closely from now on. Also feel like i may need to make sure i pop into the boutique at Bicester Village next time i am there!

Whimsical, fun and unexpected are the three words i would use to sum up this collection but  before we talk clothes, lets discuss the show itself... a very different approach to a catwalk show, nothing like i have seen before. Simple music, playful lights and moving blocks with the models navigating round the grid like a game of pac-mac. Very simple yet impressive and the perfect background to the show, i loved the colour changing lights that moved in sync with the different elements within the collection helping to tell a story.

Anya Hindmarch catwalk looks 1

The AW16 collection was focused on a series of oversized coats in luxurious fabrics - cashmere, mink and shearling, appliquéd with quirky motifs including fried eggs, smoking cigarettes, Pac-Man, googly eyes and on some pieces bright panels of leather. Alongside these statement coats, a playful selection of bags, some classic existing styles from the current collection with a new season update, adorned with graphic, rainbow-coloured leather squares and diamanté stickers and charms, such as a mink rubix cube. There was also silver rucksacks covered in smiley face stickers, snuggly shearling backpacks with googly eyes and totes bedazzled with diamanté video game graphics - very old school gamer. Not sure i could rock the coat covered in fried eggs but love the idea of it and the fun element it brings to the collection.
Anya Hindmarch catwalk looks 2

Such attention to detail on all of these pieces, from the pac-man motifs to the playful furry fried egg collars. Plus how super cute is the polar bear coat and matching paw boots - not sure many people would be brave enough to wear both out the house! but the perfect penultimate look to the show.

Next up we have my favourite looks - all three gorgeous and unique.

Now onto the most important part...the bags. I like that most are classic shapes, that would work in everyday life, very practical in beautiful leathers but given that fashion edge through print, texture and motifs. Adorned with quirky oversized charms and embellished straps. Plus can we take a moment to admire these silver boots covered in Hindmarch stickers, they are a piece of wearable art, bold but beautiful - very modern day ABBA!

Anya Hindmarch the accessories

All images from, lead Image credit: Anya Hindmarch Twitter

Just in case you missed it - you can watch the whole show below...

What were your favourite items from the show? Would you be brave enough to don the fried egg coat and literally wear your breakfast?

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