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Dior Dupes

Not normally a sunglasses person, I think the launch of the Dior So Real sunglasses totally passed me by but somehow these have recently caught my attention. I am happy to spend money on bags or shoes but sunglasses are the thing I regularly loose or break, so spending more than £20 on a pair (+£300 in fact) just isn't going to happen. However these sunnies have become a firm favourite with celebrities and the fashionable elite such as Olivia Palermo, and have filtered down to the UK highstreet with some great dupes now available. 

With its distinctive styling - no nose piece and statement brow bar these sunglasses are a bold accessory and come in a variety of colours. At present I have found both black and tortoise versions on the highstreet, from River Island and good old Primark at purse friendly prices and as far as dupes go these are pretty good.

Dior sunglasses dupes from the highstreet

Dior £335-370 or customize your own at MyDiorSoReal
River Island Black & Tortoise £14 / Primark £3

I know for some people dupes are not worth it and they would rather have the real thing but personally i like that brands are releasing "inspired" styles that allow those of us that don't have lots of money to buy into the latest trends and IT items. However i do want to add while i like a good dupe, counterfeit items are another matter - I believe that as long as there is no branding on an item claiming that it is actually made by a designer, then it is a dupe, not a fake and for me this is acceptable. 

If you have seen my latest Primark haul you would know that I bought the tortoise pair and I have say love them and for £3 if I loose or break them, I can replace easily. Also based on this gorgeous shot from the blog elliesfavouritethings taken at the SS16 press day, Primark will also be releasing this gorgeous pastel version with gold hardware (along with some other great statement styles) - keeping my eyes peeled for these, need in my life!

Are you a sunglasses person? Would you buy the Dior pair or have one of these highstreet dupes caught your eye?
Would love to hear from you...


  1. Wow, great selection. Well done x
    Fashion and Beauty Blog - Yukova Blog

  2. Love the post! And I agree that less costly fashion brands can make their own designs inspired from the luxury ones to make the trend affordable to most people. I'm a sunglass person since the light in Miami is so intense that I cannot go out if I'm not wearing my sunglasses. Thank you for sharing the Primark and River Island designs!

  3. They look exactly like the Dior sunglasses! Great find!

  4. Thanks ladies, glad you like the selection - keep your eyes peeled on my Instagram to see the Primark pair in action when the sun finally re-appears here in the UK!

  5. Yes, I see dupes for these Dior sunnies EVERYWHERE now & I may need to snag a few dupes! xx


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