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Style Spotlight: Christine Centenera

The world of Pinterest is a magical one, you can stumble across some of the most unexpected things, while scrolling through your feed. I had never heard of Christine Centenera until last week, but the more i learn, the more i love her style. The senior fashion editor of Australian Vogue, who oozes sophisticated chic and is a woman who knows what she likes and has fun with fashion. 

A wardrobe built upon a uniform of key black pieces - jeans, trousers, mini skirts mixed with monnochromatic tops, printed dresses and bold accessories (ankle boots or caged heels seem to appear with every look). However these outfits are kept looking fresh by mixing up textures like wool, leather, feathers, fur - a great way to add dimension to a head to toe black look. She also has a keen eye for statement jackets/coats, almost every outfit is topped off with one and they make the perfect partner to her black uniform and worn in the fashionista way, casually draped on the shoulders. I am particularly jealous of the Celine colourblock winter coat, the most amazing piece to look good whilst keeping warm.

This lady is definitely top of my street style list and i will be taking a leaf out of her book, recreating some of my favourite looks and trying to find my own uniform. Is there someone whose style you aspire to recreate for yourself?

These are just a selection of my favourite Christine looks, all can be found, along with many more over on my Pinterest boards where you can also find lots of street style inspiration for your own uniform.

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