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Style Spotlight: Tanya Burr

A recent you tube discovery, the lovely Tanya Burr is an inspiration to all modern women. Youtuber, beauty blogger, business woman (Tanya Burr cosmetics) and now a UN messenger of peace! talk about modern day wonder woman! I was actually inspired to write this piece after watching her "My wardrobe Tour" video where she shares organisation tips and favourite pieces - watch it for yourself here... Wardrobe Tour video

A down to earth woman who knows how to dress for her shape, loves a bit of Mulberry and regularly rocks Topshop at events, her sense of style is fabulous and so is she. Clearly a skirts and dresses kinda gal, shes loves to use these items to add fun print and colour to an outfit, whatever the occasion. Fun is definitely a word i would use to describe her style, she doesn't take fashion too seriously but always looks so put together and polished. Plus she knows the merit of a good accessory - a hat or beautiful bag (very jealous of her collection of Mulberry's in particular the studded Cara Delevinge backpack!) and of course her best accessory, new hubby Jim Chapman.

♥ My favourite looks would have to be:
1. Striped dress with fedora, 2. Floral elbow length cream dress, 3. Bold floral skirt with simple white tee and 4. White midi skirt, mixed material top styled with studded Mulberry backpack.

*All imagery in this post taken from Pinterest - see my Bloggers i love board for more.

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