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Street Style - London Fashion Week

"City Streets are the real runways."

For me equally as important as the shows themselves is the street style, seeing what the fashionista's choose to wear is the fun part of fashion week. As i am not lucky enough to attend, i have to rely on social media to see all the beautiful street style looks and during fashion week i am hooked to Pinterest and Instagram waiting to see what everyone is wearing. 

A very wide variety of looks this year, not helped by the ever changing British weather (rain one minute, warm and sunny another). A lot of summer looks in pastels and white as well as more seasonal autumnal outfits in rich colours such as rust, burgundy and as usual the fashion staple of black. Fedora's and statement sunglasses the accessories of choice and no surprise the Chloe Drew & Faye stealing the limelight as the IT bag in varying sizes and colours. 

These are just some of the looks that i loved this Fashion Week - all are from Pinterest, check out my fashion week board for more...


  1. Stunning outfits! There's so much inspiration on your page alone!

  2. I would like to bookmark the page so i can come here again to read you, as you have done a wonderful job. Monthly Fashion Box


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