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Shades of Berry

I am definitely an Autumn girl at heart, especially when it comes to my preferred colour palette - i look so much better in rich tones, which is perfect when my favourite colours for this season are shades of berry. Something about a berry item that just looks amazing against my skin and hair colour and just makes me feel special. While i wouldn't want to go head to toe in berry, this is the perfect colour to add a pop to my almost entirely black wardrobe in the Autumn. 

These are my favourite items that i have seen over the last month - some high-street and some designer but all beautiful especially the watch and the Mulberry bag, which i actually hated when it was first released but has grown on me and now is a love item. I already snapped up the leopard print scarf from ASOS, love the different mix of navy and berry, not a combination i have seen much of before.

Are you a fan of this seasons "it" colour?

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