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My New Hair

About a month ago i decided that i needed to shake things up a little and do something with my hair, but after many years of growing it i was a little scared to go too mad.

So off i went to the hairdressers and after a long visit (the shampoo girl didn't rinse all my conditioner out so two washes!!) on what was a ridiculously hot day i left with about 2 inches less hair, taking it up to mid chest. Liked it but after about a week i was mad at myself as i had originally gone in wanting a lot more off and basically chicken'd out! I didn't feel completely at ease with the stylist - who has cut my hair about 3 times now and never remembers me! and i think this put me off as she was very rough with my head and i just didn't feel she had listened fully to what i wanted.

Last week i ended up back in the hairdressers (different one this time) with a lovely lady called Helen and ended up going for what i really wanted - a long bob or Lob, cut to my collar bone with a few layers added. Helen kept asking if i was sure as apparently i looked petrified but i was brave and did it so another 2.5 inches off the length and i am so glad i did - LOVE it.

It is such a nice easy style to manage and looks great with a loose waved curl in. 

Here was my inspiration - good old Pinterest!

So this is how my Lob turned out....need a little bit of practice on the styling as curling shorter hair isn't as easy as it looks, but i am love with it!

Many many more pics to come on my Instagram!

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