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A Game of Cat & Mouse

Just a quick Monday post.... wanted to share this cute new collection from Kate Spade.

A brand known for quirky accessories this season is no different and for me, a cat lover these cute accessories are puuuuuuurfect! Not sure i could pull off the kitty bag (a little too out there for everyday) but i could definitely wear the mouse flats, they would be the perfect partner to a pair of black skinny jeans. I love that accessories allow you to add this element of fun to an outfit without leaving you looking like a style disaster.

Would love to buy the mouse bag, just to see what Willow would make of it - she would either attack or hide from it (probably the latter, she is a total fraidy cat!) although it would make a very expensive kitty toy!! Which is your favourite piece?

Shop the collection over on - The Cat's Meow

1 comment

  1. i love the cat trend as well!! i think i would rock the bag actually, hahaha. you could just flip it over if you were going somewhere sophisticated. great post! xo, hailey


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