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My Little Roadtrip

"Life is like a Roadtrip, enjoy each day."

So pleased with the July box - a great theme, with the perfect selection of lifestyle and beauty items. I think this is now one of my favourite boxes so far - a well thought out selection, all of which I will use (my one bug bare of monthly boxes is getting items that are useless). Shame this didn't arrive before my holiday, would have all been very useful.

My little world magazine, with beauty and fashion tips/interviews
Another beautiful illustration by Kanako
My Little Beauty Summer Sorbet - After sun body gel
Garnier Micellar cleansing water 125ml £1.99
Essie Nail Polish - Ruffles & feathers £7.99
DCER Temporary tattoo set £3.50
My little Box Postcard notebook & Pen
My Little Corner Travel Organiser

Although still not a fan of the fold out My Little World magazine, i really love this month's photography on the poster - a beautiful almost romantic quality to the shots. 

After a random mix of items the last few months I did have reservations about the lifestyle items that could fit into a Roadtrip theme, happily all are cute and useful. The postcard note book and pen are a great size for an everyday/holiday bag although think I will just use a notebook rather than sending to someone. The travel organiser is a very useful item, the pockets are big enough for tickets, passports and cards plus the zipped pocket would accommodate all other paperwork easily - only downside no fastening but once full I suppose it may not need it. Last up the temporary festival tattoos - love them and can't wait to use however I need to use trusty google translate first as the instructions are only in French! not so helpful....but never the less a nice selection of symbols.

The best selection of beauty products yet in this months little drawstring bag - the Micellar cleansing water is my go to cleanser, so gentle but amazing at removing the daily grime of life plus loving the travel size. Essie is the only nail polish brand I use so very impressed to find a full sized bottle inside, only downside not a wonderful colour - not my usual and way too similar to last months shade but i will give it a go as I know the it will be a good consistency and last me a week without chips. The My little beauty item this time is gorgeous - summer sorbet, a simple after sun gel with the most amazing almost bubblegum scent, such a yummy smell plus cute packaging, I can't wait to use after my shower to hydrate my skin.

Tell me what you think of this month’s box below, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. love my little box! had it too for 6 months!


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