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How to Wear: Bright Pink

The marmite colour of the fashion world that has fashionista's divided - some will avoid at all costs while others like myself want to embrace their inner barbie and add a splash to brighten up an outfit. 

Some of the images above are very bold and would take a very confident lady to pull off - i particularly like the bright trouser and tweed jacket combo (very Elle Woods) it would definitely turn heads in any workplace. I also really like the simplistic sundress with print clutch look, something i could see myself wearing on holiday.

Fuchsia/neon shades can be a little overwhelming especially to a novice so my advice would be start small, a bold pair of heels, bag or statement necklace - i started with a huge Carrie Bradshaw corsage, that looks great pinned to a striped blazer and i still break it out when i need that extra flash of colour. However you choose to add to your wardrobe wear with pride, no longer is this colour seen as just one for a little girl, but for a modern woman and according to UK Vogue will be all over the highstreet this Autumn.

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  1. my favorite is definitely the hot pick midi shirt with polka dot top, very much my style.
    xo, hailey


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