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Krazy for Kate

Kate Spade over recent season's has become a favourite brand - beautiful but a little too pricey. The main thing that i love about the brand is it's quirkiness - i do like my accessories in particular to be a little different and add an individual touch to my outfit. I also really love the prints, they always seem to be able to make even a simple floral seem different and special.
My only frustration with the brand is store locations (London and a discount store in Bicester) and the prices - not an everyday brand, more of a special occasion purchase and even then one that is very thought through - with most bags retailing around the £200-400 price point, and even most accessories at more than £100 but that's the price you pay for quality and the added beauty of each piece (but still more affordable than super-brands such as Mulberry).

After a recent trip to the Covent Garden store over my birthday weekend, where i gave in and splurged on something as a treat to myself (check out my Instagram to see what i bought), i thought i would venture online and see what other new delights were available and was met by a colourful wave of quirky from bright flamingo's to origami elephants!

Here are the products that caught my eye and have made my accessories wish list:

The two items on this wish list i would most love to have, would be the Splash out Sunglasses clutch bag and the iconic gold Kate Spade spot phone case - but sadly i don't have a spare £228 floating around for the amazing bag or an iPhone so the gorgeous case wouldn't fit!!(think i may need to get in touch and ask/plead with them to make a Samsung version, then i would defiantly buy one). What new SS15 items would make your wishlist?

All products available from katespade.couk

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