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Everyone has an Icon, be that in sports, life or in my case fashion - someone to aspire to play/be/dress like, and while we should remember we are all individuals in this world, it is nice to have some to aspire to. There are three such women that have become my style icon's, all for different reasons but never the less i do find myself drawn to their take on fashion and like to use it as my inspiration, while i cultivate my own style. With beautiful elements from all three that i try to build into my own outfits.

A true American fashionista, always polished and well groomed this lady could make a bin bag look chic. Her impeccable taste in shoes and accessories seem to finish off any outfit - whether she is at an event or walking her dog. I am particularly drawn to Olivia as she loves her statement necklaces, a girl after my own heart, and knows when to add one to make an outfit go from good to wow. Not really one to push the boundaries, she knows what suits her and sticks to it - a true style formula.
Key element: The value of fabulous accessories

A fairly recent favourite, who on the opposite side of the spectrum from Olivia has a much more casual, relaxed style but still quite classic. A true jeans and tee girl at heart - but knows how to wear with style. I think her style appeals to me as she is more of a girl next door type, more relate-able, however she knows how to glam up like a pro.

Key element: Keep it simple

The last of my style icons, is the wonderfully quirky Fearne Cotton. I love the rock chick elements within her style mixed with classic and usually a beautiful handbag. Always gorgeous but in that "i threw it together" way, that looks effortless especially when in her go to jeans uniform. The mix of prints and colour she wears is amazing, she never seems afraid to try new combinations. Nice too that she is very much a highstreet girl - so many great Topshop items mixed in alongside some gorgeous designer gems.

Key element: How to add print and colour to everyday 
(plus everything looks better with a Mulberry bag!)

Who do you consider to be your style icon? Maybe its your mum, not a celebrity.

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