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Beautiful Braids

From single to triple, French to Dutch, fishtail to milkmaid, skinny to super chunky - braids come in all shapes and sizes and work in almost all lengths of hair - a new hair obsession of mine....

Check out my Hair board on Pinterest for these and other cute braid styles.

Lately i have been wearing a side French braid with either a ballerina bun or ponytail, I love how it is an easy relaxed hairstyle but still looks polished for work - quite simple but still mastering the basics (YouTube has some great tutorial video's). Need a bit more practice on the more intricate styles, but by the summer i will be rocking some of the beautiful braids above - so much more chic than a simple ponytail on a hot day.

What is your braid of choice? Have you mastered the more complex, intricate styles - if so please send me pics, would love to see.

Have a great weekend x

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