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From Paris for Christmas ....

So for the festive season, My little box at Christmas has teamed up with the gorgeous blogger Fleur de Force, whom I follow on YouTube (love her videos so much). I was worried what this box would include as a true Xmas box could have been a little OTT, but I was happy when it arrived yesterday. A good mix of the usual beauty and lifestyle items, this box also had a great balance between pretty and useful - so another happy month (plan to run with this subscription until i am disappointed)

My little world magazine, with great festive articles and an interview with Fleur
Christmas themed artwork
A reel of black and white thread
Pack of gift tags - various patterns
Pack of masking tape, which is actually pretty stickers in varying shapes
A cute pink/blush knitted headband (did also come in grey or black)
My little beauty lipstick
Cowshed Wild cow, invigorating body lotion
L'occitaine Precious face cream

This lipstick is fantastic, when in saw on Instagram that the box contained a red lipstick I felt a little sad, so far I have been able to use every beauty product in the boxes but I do not suit red lipstick, boy was I wrong..... Although it appears a bright vibrant shade of red it in-fact comes out on lips as a much pinker colour that is a good shade against my hair and skin. Something to do with fancy science that makes it wearable by anyone no matter their colourings!! according to the little information card.

If you haven't joined the box bandwagon, i can recommend this one - as usual now excited to see whats inside next month's.

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