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Some people are lucky enough to be naturals in front of a camera, I have never been one of those people, the minute a camera comes out I either close my eyes or the awkward "Chandler" smile comes out. Luckily I married an equally awkward man and so any photographic moment has a 50/50 chance of being good, but we have both learnt to laugh about it. Our wedding pics were amazing but only because we had a great photographer who put us both at ease but also did less of the posed shots, sometimes the unknown captured moments are the best.

When we bought our house we were given a free session at Venture photography and after a bit of arm twisting, I persuaded hubby to go and see what could be done for two "cameraphobes". We went to the Venture studio in Leicester and met with our photographer Ross, to discuss the tone of the shoot and what we wanted out of the experience. Relaxed, fun shots was the brief we gave and armed with our bag of props (everything from cartoon tee's to my Accessorize camera bag) we embraced the hour shoot and had so much fun. Ross instantly put us both at ease and I have never laughed so hard in my life!!! He was particularly excited at the beginning about the hat i had worn purely to keep my hair dry and the statement necklace i was also wearing, so much so they became a large focus during the shoot. We went for a mix of romantic shots and silly playful ones, so as to "capture our essence as a couple". 

I left the studio with my face hurting from laughing so much but feeling like we would get some great shots and then came the two week wait before the viewing. A nice presentation of all the best shots set to music - Ross had chosen Lily Allen's "Somewhere only we know", which definitely helped to convey the emotion behind the images, which turned out beautifully and not an awkward smile in sight.

Whilst I did enjoy the shoot and we got some beautiful pictures out of it, I would say Venture is very expensive and that is a shame as we were restricted in what we could get based on our budget, however i was pleased with what we did get. 

Here are a few of my favourite images:

Say cheese....... and smile!

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