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My Little Box - Cosy

So i subscribed to My Little box in September and was impressed by the initial welcome box, less impressed with the October box as it was very specifically themed around Diane von Furstenberg with little focus on other things so the November box was going to be a tie breaker for me. Glad to say this one is great - Cosy is the theme and aptly so all, the products are cosy/autumn themed making me want to get in my pj's with a big vanilla latte and fluffy slippers.

Check out inside the box on my YouTube channel:

Inspirational Quote - Francoise Sagan
My Little World magazine
A Coffee Cup
My Little Bouillotte
Essie - Mini nail polish in "Cute as a button"
Arcancil Paris - Starliner black waterproof eyeliner
My Little Beauty - Volume and care mascara in black

I loved all of the beauty products, especially the nail polish as Essie is my go to brand. Excited to try the mascara as so far the other My Little Beauty items have been really good and who doesn't need another black mascara! I am intrigued by the My Little Bouillotte, which is a microwaveable cushion meant as a cute hot water bottle or for relaxation, something a little different plus i love the polka dot print although i can totally see Willow using it as a pillow, especially when its warm.

The one product i am disappointed in is the coffee cup - not sure who they think is using this but it is TINY and not everyone drinks americano's - think i may need to find an alternative use for it like to keep bobby pins in, as it is cute with a nice illustration on.

Overall another good box and really looking forward to the December box - i can feel a party or sparkle box coming on! 

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