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Tartan or plaid, whatever you like to call it (tartan is the traditional but plaid is a term used by the US), has taken over the fashion world for Autumn. It is everywhere on scarves, dresses, trousers, coats even shoes. The fashionista community has embraced and shown us just how to wear it - as a highlight or a full head to toe look. These are just a few of the looks I have seen and loved on Pinterest, with a mix of casual and more refined looks - I really like the tartan pencil skirt teamed with a denim shirt and statement necklace, a look I may have to try as the mix of fabrications and texture is gorgeous.

For me Tartan represents Scotland and it's beautiful scenery (a stunning country I lived in as a child for a few years) however it's use within main stream fashion the last couple of years has given something from my childhood new meaning. This Fall/Winter season has seen the print reappear not as a minor player but a major trend on the catwalk and highstreet, with almost all brands including one piece in pretty plaid, with many colour variations - from the traditional to the modern interpretation.


Within my wardrobe I have a few tartan treasures - not brave enough to go full on head to toe I like to have pieces I can team with plain basics. A mixed print scuba dress (Matalan), a cold shoulder sheer dress (Primark), an open back blouse (Topshop) and my favourite lightweight scarf (Accessorize). I also have a really old Lilac and grey blanket scarf that I wear when it's really cold.

If tartan floats your boat be sure to head over to Lands' End who have taken tartan to a new extreme, from nightshirts & pj's to trousers, jackets and accessories - I am biased as I work for them but there are some perfect pieces coming for Christmas.

Tartan - love or loathe?? 

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