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If the hat fits, wear it..

Winter Hats.....

Hats are an acquired taste, some people love, others loathe, I have never been sure, more about what suits me rather than the idea of fashionable head-wear. 

My hat relationship began with a girl's beanie from New Look, at the time when oversized beanies were in fashion but with short hair I looked odd with a big hat so I went for a kids version so that I could still be involved, it was cute - grey knit with a glittery threads running through. Then came a grey knitted bobble hat from Topshop, with 2 pompoms like ears - I loved it as it was so different whilst warm and snugly as well as making me look like a little bear, but I still wasn't 100% sure so would only wear when really cold. 

This season however I decided to embrace the hat as it is everywhere and is a chic way to battle against the incoming cold weather, but what style to go for - fedora, trilby, beanie, bobble or floppy brimmed? Overwhelmed by all the stylish looks on my favourite source of inspiration Pinterest, I settled on a structured shape and finally found my perfect partner..... Nothing extravagant, a classic wool fedora for only £7 from good old Primark but a gorgeous hat that seems to go with everything and is the perfect size & shape.

I have tried a few styles on this season but was cautious before buying as i knew they would probably end up being bought and then sitting on my mannequin because I wasn't quite sure or because I think people will laugh, which at 28 is a ridiculous notion. However with this hat it was love at first sight - I tried it on and then wore it for the entire hour and a half shopping trip round Primark, I almost forgot to take it off to pay which could have been embarrassing! My new hat has become like a third person in my marriage, I am addicted to wearing it whether that's to work or just to pop out to sainsbury's, much to my husbands dismay (think he was a little embarrassed doing this week's food shop with me and my hat). 

This hat also appears to be a hit with the fashion community, many photos on Instagram and some of my favourite bloggers have also fallen for its woolly loveliness.

Could you be tempted?

For more hat inspiration, check out my new dedicated Pinterest board - All about the hat

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