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From Paris with Love......

"My Little Box aims to delight and surprise you every month"

Monthly subscription beauty boxes are not a new thing, they have been around for a few years now - Glossybox, Birchbox, Glamour Beauty Box and the latest addition to Mr Postman's delivery bag is My Little box. A delightful little company first started in France, that is now finally arriving in the UK. A box offer that is not only different from the others on the market, but also adds a little quirky fun and defiantly a dose of French chic - unlike the other boxes who focus solely on beauty products, My Little Box has diversified and channeled it's french chic into the offer so that the customer gets more than just cosmetics.

Each month has a different theme, with the UK introduction box being "My Little Parisienne Box", a perfect welcome to the French brand. Below are a few of my favourite themes from the French site, hoping these will be replicated for the UK customers, in particular the Geekette box:

So onto My Little Parisienne Box.....
Beautiful packaging that seemed a shame to open, with equally gorgeous goodies inside. The chic illustrations top off the offering perfectly - and show that the concept, the box and its contents have been thought about down to the last detail.

My Little Carnet notepad, Paris themed stickers, Neoprene Laptop Case, LAURA MERCIER foundation primer, NUXE Multi purpose oil, MY LITTLE BEAUTY complexion brightening pen (their own brand range of cosmetics, products with the cutest packaging)

I have felt like an excited child at Christmas this week, waiting for this to be delivered, and i am not disappointed. A good mix of brands and products within the little bag of beauty - the own brand brightening pen is a great multi-use product and i am so pleased that i am able to use all three items as they are not specific to a skin colour/type which is something that put me off the other boxes in the market. The accessories element of the box is also good, every girl needs a cute notepad and stickers. Whilst the laptop case is so cute, the illustrations are perfect and while the case itself is a tad big for my netbook and Ipad it will be great to use to keep all my technology together along with my chargers.

Sadly i did discover what would be in my box before it arrived - social media is normally a great thing, but it did ruin the surprise element of the box as excited ladies around the UK couldn't wait to show off their new goodies. My only complaint so far - how long it takes to be delivered, almost two weeks which for someone like me who is impatient, is not good. 

Like most of these subscription boxes the excitement will inevitably wear off, but for now i am intrigued to see how next months box compares, what the theme will be and what goodies are in store for the ladies of the UK in October.

Have you been tempted by one of these little boxes of chic yet?

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