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Channel your inner Carrie Bradshaw

Ever since I saw the beautiful Carrie Bradshaw in these outfits, I have loved the idea of adding a touch of grown up tulle to my wardrobe. There is something romantic about the layers of tulle when styled with a beautiful pair of heels and statement jewels. Many many pins have been added to my Pinterest boards, with ideas of how to wear a tulle skirt casually or dressed up but I haven't found one that felt like me and didn't make me look like a three year old!......until now. 

The latest brand to launch via is Lola Skye and low and behold one item within this capsule collection is a tulle skirt in blush or grey. I stumbled across this whilst trying to find a pair of bridesmaid shoes and as soon as I saw the blush one my inner Bradshaw took over and I simply had to have it and it was clearly fate as not only was it in promotion with money off but I also got free delivery! Now it has arrived I cannot wait to wear it, although my one critism would be the static nature of the underskirt and that it is fairly see through, but I can live with this. I will also need to wait for this balmy hot weather to cool a bit as sweat isn't quite the accessory I want to team with my tulle! 

I have several outfits pulled together on my Stylebook app, so I thought I would share my favourites - a holiday/summer look, girls night out and something for the office fashionista:

Do you own a tulle skirt? Would love it hear how you style it - is it an everyday item or do you save for nights out or special occasions? 

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