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Since deciding to buy my new house, i have been on a fashion detox, spending very little time or money on my wardrobe but since we are almost all settled in, I decided it was time for a treat so this called for a trip to Bicester Village. 

Normally going to Bicester with the intention of shopping means i leave empty handed but not today.....and this trip was all about Kate Spade. A recent addition to my love list, i cannot get enough of this American brand and just how beautiful it is from the product down to the stores themselves, so pleased we do now have a few stores in the UK, to feed my glittery habit. Now i did have a game plan for my trip to the store, knowing that most stores stock is about a year old i was keen to see if my lust item of the last 12 months had made its way to discount heaven. 

After only a few minuets of being in the store i spotted it....hidden at the back in 3 different colours, the 2 Park Avenue Beau bag - I have never been so excited to see a handbag (sad i know). With hubby holding my faithful Mulberry i stood clutching the very bag i had set out to find, and although still more than many people will spend on a handbag (but still less than a new Mulberry) i had to buy it, especially after the sales lady said they had only arrived in the store the day before - fate me thinks! 

Then came the important decisions - small or large size and in black, two tone cream or vibrant geranium?? I decided to go for a small black one, as this was an investment leather piece and although bright pink is gorgeous and very me, it's not that classic or timeless. Plus with my little frame the large version looked more like i was carrying a holdall rather than a handbag! not the look i was going for.

So here she is.....

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