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Mulberry AW14

"The Mulberry Autumn Winter 2014 season finds inspiration in the colour of the British countryside, embracing rich oaks, misty greys, deep greens and intense oxblood taken from the mystery of the Highlands to the lush rolling hills of Mulberry's home in Somerset."

The campaign photography is the latest work of visual genius Tim Walker, using the beautiful British countryside as a classic background to the brands key items. Although not as whimsical and unexpected as the last few campaigns have been, this set of shots typifies the brands quality, craftsmanship and true British heritage. All that is missing for me is Mulberry monster, my favourite quirk from previous themes, that or a hidden gnome / butterfly.

The beautiful bags of AW14...... love this collection, not only are these four amongst my favourite silhouettes from Mulberry but they have brought back Oxblood - this was a colour i fell in love with in the AW12 collection when Del Rey first appeared and i lusted after it but it sold out before i could get one! Also the Willow tote has grabbed my attention, something about the mixed texture is beautiful and also the earthy green shades, which isn't normally a colour i am drawn to.

Alexa, Bayswater, Lily and Willow

Alongside the updated favourites, the new Tessie collection makes its debut - a more streamlined, simplistic group of bags with a few less buckles and detailing than the last few additions but nice and classic and also at a lower price point (£495-£695) - a great addition in my eyes after the horrific Cara bag, which tainted my love of Mulberry - read my thoughts Mulberry Miss

Check out the video link below to meet the new arrivals...

All in all a good new collection however the one thing that has lessened my excitement was the lack of a Fashion Week show. This collection would have been interesting to have seen on the catwalk, especially as i am feeling a distinct lack of wow factor this season - which with no creative director at the helm is not a surprise, i do hope they appoint someone soon as the excitement and brand sparkle needs to be brought back.

Overall although good, this collection for me seems a little too safe and is missing the expected Mulberry quirks....oh well will wait and see what the September show brings and what will catch my eye in the SS15 collection especially with the new pricing architecture that has been brought in (with bags in the £500-£800 price bracket, much more affordable for this fashionista on a budget) and fingers crossed they have also lost Cara Delevinge too!

How do you rate the latest offering from Mulberry?

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